Eternity Clock Uninspired, Glitchy, Best Doctor Who Game Ever

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock finally arrives on the PlayStation Network, with later releases planned for the Vita and the PC, after missing its original release date by about a month. Still, that’s OK, the TARDIS often misses its target dates by much larger margins.

Two things need to be said about Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. First, it is not a very good game. Second, it is the best Doctor Who game ever. If that makes it worth twenty of your preferred currency unit then so be it, you won’t really need a review to tell you what to do. Good for you, mate. Continue reading Eternity Clock Uninspired, Glitchy, Best Doctor Who Game Ever

Community Season Four Confirmed! Suck It!

If for some reason you are one of the many, many people unfamiliar with the greatness that is Community, now you’ll have thirteen more chances to find out what you’ve been missing.

Quoth Hitfix, bringers of joy:

A source close to production has confirmed that NBC has ordered 13 episodes of the low-rated critical darling. Unlike the “30 Rock” final season renewal, as far as I know this is not officially the final order for the show. It’s entirely possible “Community” could get a back 9 order next season or even, miracle of miracles, a fifth season.

I seriously just jumped out of my chair and did a round of crotch chops after reading that. Like it’s 1998 or something. Maybe I’ll wash down my celebratory romp with a refreshing bottle of Orbitz while I’m at it.

So, this could still be it, and smart money is on Dan Harmon and company penning these thirteen episodes specifically to provide some sense of closure. Still, it’s hard not to be a little optimistic; plenty of folks figured that season three wouldn’t happen, and… here we are.

Hey! Knowing how meta Community tends to be regarding television history, production, and tropes, how awesome would it be if the series finale is produced now, with the potentially-departing Chevy Chase still around, and aired at the backend of those thirteen episodes (or later, should it come to that) a la what happened with Babylon 5?

Well, I think that would be awesome.

Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch Has Passed On

The curse of May has struck early and decisively: Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys succumbed to cancer today at 47. Just in case you were wondering why your radio dial has been overloaded with tracks from License to Ill and Hello Nasty all day. Which they should be every day, but… well, that’s not really the point.

Honestly, I’m pretty terrible at writing obituaries. Instead, why don’t we just let the music fill this space for us? That feels like the most appropriate response.

Intergalactic used to play virtually every afternoon on the bus home from school and like other tracks on that playlist, such as Bran Van 3000’s Drinking in LA, I never, ever got tired of hearing it.

Here, have a few more. Continue reading Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch Has Passed On

Jericho May Live Again, Via Netflix

Hey, remember Jericho? No, not Clive Barker’s Clive Barker’s Jericho (by Clive Barker) – the 2006-2008 CBS TV series. Not ringing any bells? Of course not. Barely anyone paid much attention to it during the original run and it’s hard to imagine that too many of the folks who did are still carrying a torch for it now.

Or… maybe enough of them are? Quoth TV Guide:

TV Guide Magazine confirms that Netflix has approached CBS about reviving cult fave Jericho — and the network, through its CBS TV Studios production arm, is considering it. The drama, which followed the residents of a small Kansas town in the wake of a nuclear attack, has been off the air since 2008.

Repeats of Jericho remain popular on Netflix’s on-demand service, even four years after the show’s cancellation. Insiders say Netflix execs would love to emulate the revival of Fox’s Arrested Development, which is expected to return on Netflix with new episodes in 2013, seven years after the show ended its run. Like Arrested fans, Jericho’s are a passionate bunch: CBS renewed the post-apocalyptic show for a second season in 2007 after viewers bombarded the network with cases of peanuts.

The peanuts thing was pretty fun, wasn’t it?

wwe chris jericho
No, not this Jericho, either. But I bet his show would be pretty awesome.

Okay, so I wasn’t exactly a Jerichoholic or whatever the fans dubbed themselves, but I enjoyed it enough back in the day to find this news intruiging. I’m posting about it, aren’t I? But here’s the problem: it ain’t Arrested Development. Sorry guys.

Resurrecting AD makes more sense: there’s more existing material to build on, post-cancellation DVD sales have always been strong, the fanbase is larger and easier to grow, new episodes can tie-in directly with the upcoming film, and it was a far bigger critical success.

Jericho doesn’t really have any of those things. Although to be fair, CBS didn’t give the show much of a chance to earn those things, either. So while I’d love to see the Second American Civil War storyline finally brought to the small screen where it belongs, I’ll totally understand the why’s and how’s involved if it doesn’t happen.

And now, a quick Jericho primer, just in case the deal actually does happen: Continue reading Jericho May Live Again, Via Netflix