New Suikoden a Lot Like Krin: Steals a Lot, Is Annoying But You’re On the Same Side

The so-far Japanese-only Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki (translated as Genso Suikoden: The Game Whose Names Inspires Arguments About Correct Localisation Between Fanboys Who Will Likely All Be Wrong Should This Game Ever Be Officially Localised) is the eleventh unique title in what was once described as Konami’s franchise RPG series. These days, franchise is exactly the correct term seeing as just like any pizza place can get a Domino’s franchise if they don the uniform and put up the sign, any old RPG can get the Suikoden name stapled onto it if it embraces the trappings a little.

If that sounds bitter, it really isn’t meant to be. Rather, it is an attempt to divorce myself and any “classic” Suikoden fans from the idea that a Suikoden game is only as strong as its continuity. That’s simply not what the franchise is about in 2012. This game follows in the footsteps left by 2008’s Suikoden Tierkreis by setting the game in another world that could be considered tied to the rest of the series by the concept of other dimensions, a flavourful bit of background trivia in older games and the basis of the plot for Tierkreis.

So now that we know what this game is not, how about we take a look at what this game is. Lack of inter-game continuity may irk the traditional Suikoden fan but Tierkreis was a fundamentally solid, if uninspiring game. How does Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki stand up to both its ancient ancestors and immediate forbearer? Continue reading New Suikoden a Lot Like Krin: Steals a Lot, Is Annoying But You’re On the Same Side