The Walking Dead’s Michonne Gets Her Swordplay Onne

That might be my worst headline pun ever. Sorry about that (but not really.)

One thing about last season’s Walking Dead finale that really made me perk-up and pay attention was our first fleeting glimpse of Michonne, the katana-wielding ninja-type-person, and her two armless zombie… are we calling them pets? Let’s go with that. Specifically, the visual of the sword. That kind of stands out on a series where no one else knows what they’re doing.

In this video, we learn a little bit about the process which goes into swinging a full-sized blade around for days at a time. As for the one question I’ve been asking for months: “just where the hell do you find an authentic katana in post-apocalyptic Georgia?” Well, I suppose that’s destined to remain unanswered. Serves me right for nitpicking, but man, this show doesn’t make it easy to stop.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 14th and no, Carl will still not be where he’s supposed to be.

Source: Multiple Verses via The Mary Sue.

A Knight’s Tale: The Series? Plus A Few Forgotten Points Of Interest

On the list of news items I expected to see floating around today, this was somewhere near the bottom, or perhaps tucked away inside a small concealed compartment just underneath the bottom.

Quoth Deadline:

A Knight’s Tale, the 2001 feature starring Heath Ledger, is headed to the small screen in a series adaptation written by Battlestar Galactica developer/executive producer Ron Moore. ABC has bought the project, from Sony Pictures TV, with a script commitment.

At ABC, A Knight’s Tale would be a good fit for hit Once Upon A Time and other fantasy dramas the network has in development for next season, including A Kingdom Far Away from feature writer Justin Marks and di Bonaventura Television.

You might remember A Knight’s Tale best as the one medieval fantasy movie which dared use a Queen song. Remember how indignant people were about that in 2001? Fun times.

Any new Ron Moore project has me excited, to be perfectly honest. I’m kind of a mark for the guy after all he did to elevate Battlestar Galactica above the nostalgic 70s “disco planet!” fromagé of the Glen Larson days. That, plus he does great things with established properties in general. And he wrote The Next Generation‘s “The Defector”, so that’s an instant pass from me. THE DEFECTOR, OKAY? C’MON.

I’ll admit one thing: I had completely forgotten all about the original A Knight’s Tale until today. Which means…

1. Holy crap, that was Heath Ledger? The Heath Ledger who needs no introduction? That Heath Ledger?

2. Holy crap, that was Alan Tudyk? The dodgeball pirate, “a leaf on the wind”, and one of Joss Whedon’s many victims? That Alan Tudyk?

3. Holy crap, that was Mark Addy? Robert Baratheon, king of the Seven Kingdoms and protector of the realm? That Mark Addy?

Wow. This is one of those moments where I have to stop and give my head a shake. That’s all.

Bonus points if Ron Moore inserts Head Six and Head Baltar into the background of some random shot. They had to be doing something these last 150,000 years.

Source: Deadline. Image: The Cinematic Intelligence Agency.

When You Play The Game Of Thrones Theme, You Either Win, Lose, Or Tie

Being a Canadian means that I really don’t get the appeal of high school and college-level sports, and by “the appeal” I actually mean ” the borderline psychotic obsession with”. It’s not that we don’t partake in the same stuff up here, in the lands of winter; it’s just that no one seems to have the same lifetime-defining attachment to it that a lot of Americans do. “I can throw this football over those mountains” was the one part of Napoleon Dynamite that I found funny as a result.

Then again, some hockey parents… forget I said anything.

Maybe that’s why the marching bands bust out anthems like this, the theme song from Game of Thrones? Is this their way of rebelling against the jock culture they’ve somehow fallen into? Or are the jocks just really into George R.R. Martin?

Source: MTV Geek.

Gina Carano Is The First Female Expendable

So, here’s one I missed!

Odd that it never occurred to me to include athletes in my little fantasy casting article, especially given the inclusion of Randy Couture and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the original movies and, after some deliberation via the font of all useful knowledge and information aka the internet, few seem as fitting for an all-female Expendables as MMA star Gina Carano. I submit myself for lashes.

gina carano mma
Seems legit.

Aside from her UFC career, Carano is also known for an appearance alongside Michael Fassbender in Haywire and, for the Command & Conquer fans among you, she was Natasha Volkova in the recent Red Alert games. But considering how crazy-go-nuts Red Alert 3 was, maybe you didn’t notice.

I wonder if this opens the door for former wrestlers? There is a slight resemblance to Amy “Lita” Dumas in some of the photos floating around online. Just me? Probably. Oh well.

Aside: Variety insists on referring to this movie as a “shingle”. Because it’s not a “tentpole” but something that goes on the roof held up by the tentpole to prevent water damage? That’s my best guess, folks.

Source: Variety via Geeks of Doom. Image: The Smoking Pen; Aro Drive.

How To Make Your Old Nintendo Zapper Zap For Real

Oh, that Duck Hunt dog is totally going to get it now!

Being a fan of DIY techie stuff, I’ve seen a lot of garage laser projects in my time, and even a few folks playing around with sci-fi concepts like Gauss weaponry and the like. But wow, this might be the first I’ve stumbled upon that could be legitimately threatening.

Here’s one little note that I found interesting…

I was worried that the OEM electric momentary switch wouldn’t handle my power needs, so I checked it out. It turns out Nintendo completely over engineered it, and the switch was more than capable handling ridiculous levels of current.

Nice to know that Nintendo has a future in the military hardware business in the event that video games should ever fail them.

Head over to North Street Labs for the nitty gritty details if you’d like to build your own. Just watch where you point that thing, okay?

Source: Boing Boing.