The Ancient Aliens Drinking Game!

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  1. shotbyscott says:

    ohhh shit i record it and watch it late at night because my wife doesn’t like it ….

  2. AlienSupperStar says:

    First of all, I have deep respect to Mr Giorgio T.
    But some of his ideas are not fully tinket.
    Sometimes for example pyramids, the ancient people might seen some exploding star, and that thing might been overvelming to them, and now they all have depicted the serious thing, and there are some other things that could be explained without aliens.
    The one wery intriging thing is that Chalam Balam, and that place in India or Pakistan…
    Were those humans from future.

  3. Lydia Snider says:

    Correction: Ancient Aliens is on the H2, TLC boasts Honey Boo Boo…. *facepalm* for our society….

    I would suggest drinking whenever the narrator says, “As some ancient alien theorists believe…” but that would likely result in too many alcohol poisonings.

    Additional game for commercial breaks: Be An Ancient Astronaut Theorist. Select a random historical person, event, government agency or religion and complete this phrase, “Ancient astronaut theorists believe (insert your own bullshit theory) Everyone toasts you if your theory appears on the show.

    For example, “Ancient Alien theorist contend Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is a messenger sent by our extra terrestrial brothers who want credit for all their hard work throughout history and the Men In Black movies are true, aliens are living here among us and they are tired of living in the closet. They have sent him to ease us into the truth as they prepare for the big reveal.”

    Oh they just switched it up! Some ancient astronaut theorists CONTEND – nice use of Thesaurus (probably a gift from the reptilian alien half breeds), oh, now they Claim – working our way through the synonyms starting with “C”

    • Delsaber says:

      It’s getting way too easy to confuse all these basic cable channels, isn’t it? Discovery might be the only one left still (mostly) following its original mission statement.

      Great add-on there. Almost like a twist on Cards Against Humanity or something. Additional toasts if any theories invented through that method are actually more feasible than what already appears on the show.

  4. Scott says:

    You should have to drink when you hear “Ancient Astronaut theorists”…. LOL

  5. This cat totally makes up stuff from the top of his head! I’m watching him right now and he’s over here making up stuff in the Bible. He said Jonah was swallowed by the fish and it had bronze ribs saying that the fish was an actual submarine. That’s not even the right animal or the right guy! It was the book of Job and he was describing a Behemoth which is basically like a giant ox. It’s not about religion it’s about research player.

  6. timothy c. says:

    Why? Because of ancient aliens!

  7. Suu says:

    Hardcore Ancient alien drinking game:
    -drink each time somebody tell “extraterrestrial” !!

  8. Kristin says:

    We drink every time we hear, “Ancient Astronaut Theorists” and “Other WORLDLY Beings…”!!

  9. Thor McOdin says:

    I reminded Shisho of this tonight. We should bring it back. Hell, we should TRY it.

  10. Shisho says:

    Try it? Are you insane?! The only way you’d survive the alcohol poisoning is if you actually were an alien.

    *eyes Thor suspiciously.*

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