Sex Smells: The 5 Types of Awkwardly Sexual Xbox Indie Games

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  1. Delsaber says:

    Virtual Attraction must’ve been developed by someone who only thinks in Visual Basic if/then statements, or Abed from Community.

    Thank god Hot Potato is in HD! Because pixels, or something. At least that model must’ve gotten a funny story out it. “Yeah, they paid me $100 to pretend to eat a raw potato for an hour, it was hilarious.”

    Just a guess: Microsoft’s XNA push didn’t take off like they wanted, so it’s not a matter of there being no certification for this stuff, this is just all that exists to put up there that isn’t filled with zombies or furry art.

    • John Layfield says:

      I’d almost buy the idea that the quality control is simply low to increase the library size if it weren’t for Hot Potato HD. It’s literally a blank screen that randomly makes your control buzz for no reason.

      I’m sure there’s a copyright and illegal material check but with over 2,000 indie titles, I could certainly believe that’s as far as the Microsoft Seal of Quality goes.

      I could easily do a part two on this, man. I encourage everyone to at least free trial some of this shit.

  2. Rando says:

    i am going to call my band The Lovingly Rendered Cameltoes.

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