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Community Is Back! Tonight! Watch It!

I’m not usually one to cheerlead for my favourite shows like this – a lifetime of letting myself get attached to doomed sci-fi/fantasy franchises will sap that energy eventually – yet I feel the need to make an exception this time.

Community is an amazing show. Along with FX’s Archer, it represents the current pinnacle of smart TV comedy and is easily the funniest show going on the major networks. Unfortunately, unlike Archer, not to mention a whole slew of far less entertaining sitcoms that simply refuse to die, Community has been teetering on the brink of cancellation for some time now. That it’s even returned to play-out the remainder of its current season is an occurrence we all considered to be somewhat unlikely just a few months ago.

So tune in tonight at 8PM and watch it, goddamnit. NBC. CityTV for us canucks. 8PM. On the TV. Just do it. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to echo Britta’s sentiment below.

The Walking Dead + Office Space

Despite its rampant popularity, The Walking Dead hasn’t always lent itself terribly well to internet humour, whether it be memes or mash-ups or whatever else. Maybe it’s the slower pace of the series compared to most prime-time drama out there, or its typical lack of comic relief, or maybe the writing is a little too inconsistent to inspire such activity. Who knows?

Then something like this little scene happens and within one day of the initial airing we’ve got something truly memorable floating around via YouTube user CombataceSA. It really is a perfect fit, perhaps almost too perfect to have happened naturally, as the comments have already speculated about.

Okay, so it’s not Tyrion Lannister bitch-slapping Joffrey for ten minutes set to Led Zeppelin’s Achilles Last Stand, but it’s a start! Still, there’s a question here that needs to be answered: zombies or copy machines? Dealing with the former could be a lot less frustrating.

Caffeine-Fueled Is Alive! Again!

This happens to us a lot.

Long story short: gremlins got onto the wing and brought the plane down. Or, a wizard did it. Or… issues with webhosting. Whatever it was (smart money is on the wizard) we’re back now. Unfortunately, everything else we did before isn’t. We’ll use some wizardry of our own to restore a few choice pieces from The Before Time but you should probably consider this to be a fresh start.

…and it’s not like we really needed all those random-ass news articles from 2008 anyway. No, these grapes aren’t sour.

The design is still a work in progress and could quite likely morph into something entirely different without any notice whatsoever. Actual content will trickle out… soonish. So, watch out for that and give our forums a visit if the wait drags on too much.

Thanks for the patience… assuming anyone stuck around these last couple months for us to thank. We’re getting there.