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Go Home And Be A Family Man With Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC

“CF writer who refers to himself as Delsaber, are you posting this just so you could make an old Street Fighter joke?” Why yes, dear reader, I am. But if you insist on me making this a little more substantive than just “here’s a meme, haha!” then I suppose I can give it a shot.

Fun Fact #1: I wish you could just stake a claim to any random spot on the map and homestead on it, rather than buying deeds to what I assume are predetermined plots.

Fun Fact #2: Aside from occasional vendor dumps, this will probably eliminate the need for a “home city” for most players.

Fun Fact #3: You can move your spouse into the home you just built and adopt children, but you can’t make children yourself? Aww…

Fun Fact #4: If there is no upper limit for these adoptions, then those invading giants can expect to be met by waves upon waves of orphan minions, Zap Brannigan style.

Hearthfire will be available September 4th on Xbox Live; presumably about a month later on PC. PS3 users… well, maybe light a candle, start a few incantations, and hope for the best.

Source: Giant Bomb / Image: YouTube

Trailer Dissection: Project X Zone

Welcome back to Trailer Dissection, the CF probably-not-original series wherein trailers for movies, television, and games are (over)analyzed for your enjoyment. Our enjoyment. That’s what we meant to say. If you can’t suss out for yourselves how this works, check out the debut article on the Doctor Who Season 7 trailer.

This time, we’re taking a look at the first official trailer for Project X Zone for the Nintendo 3DS, a mammoth crossover strategy/RPG featuring characters from Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai franchises. Something about trailers with two minutes of nothing but character reveals and said characters beating the hell out of each other makes for solid article fodder… or just easily-written material.

But enough about that. Let’s do this thing. Continue reading Trailer Dissection: Project X Zone

Trailer Dissection: Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer

Oh, hi there! Welcome to Trailer Dissection! This new feature will attempt to wring a little bit of actual content and discussion out of news posts that would normally just be me playing copy-pasta with YouTube embed codes and calling them “articles”. Look! We’ve even got timestamps and everything, so you can really tell that a quantifiable number of minutes and seconds of effort were put into this!

Honestly, I don’t know if we’ll be doing this every time a trailer is posted here, as sooner or later one will come along that doesn’t carry the same amount of fandom investment in our staff as, say, Doctor Who. But we’ll do our best.

So, let’s get on with it. These paps ain’t gonna smear themselves. Continue reading Trailer Dissection: Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer

Blood and Chrome Trailer Post In Which The Word “Frak” Is Used (UPDATED!)

UPDATE: NBC/Universal pulled the trailer with the speed of… something BSG-related that is very speedy, I don’t know. So you’ll just have to use your imaginations until it reappears someday on a DVD or something.

Frak. There, it’s done. Moving on!

There hasn’t really been any word on Blood and Chrome since the depressing revelation last year that SyFy had downgraded its status from “THE FIRST WORTHWHILE SERIES ATTACHED TO OUR NETWORK SINCE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ENDED” to “oh, it’ll just be a webseries.” With that unfortunate handicap in mind… wow, this actually looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

Oh sure, there’s been the occasional success story in the series of tubes format – take Mortal Kombat Legacy as one example, which oh-so-coincidentally featured BSG‘s Tahmoh Penikett – but c’mon. You can tout online distribution as Lisa Simpson’s “wave of the future!” as much as you want; it’s just not an ideal showcase for your only franchise still capable of garnering both popular and critical acclaim.

…no, wrestling doesn’t count.

Source: Warming Glow

The Walking Dead + Office Space

Despite its rampant popularity, The Walking Dead hasn’t always lent itself terribly well to internet humour, whether it be memes or mash-ups or whatever else. Maybe it’s the slower pace of the series compared to most prime-time drama out there, or its typical lack of comic relief, or maybe the writing is a little too inconsistent to inspire such activity. Who knows?

Then something like this little scene happens and within one day of the initial airing we’ve got something truly memorable floating around via YouTube user CombataceSA. It really is a perfect fit, perhaps almost too perfect to have happened naturally, as the comments have already speculated about.

Okay, so it’s not Tyrion Lannister bitch-slapping Joffrey for ten minutes set to Led Zeppelin’s Achilles Last Stand, but it’s a start! Still, there’s a question here that needs to be answered: zombies or copy machines? Dealing with the former could be a lot less frustrating.