Community Season Four Confirmed! Suck It!

If for some reason you are one of the many, many people unfamiliar with the greatness that is Community, now you’ll have thirteen more chances to find out what you’ve been missing.

Quoth Hitfix, bringers of joy:

A source close to production has confirmed that NBC has ordered 13 episodes of the low-rated critical darling. Unlike the “30 Rock” final season renewal, as far as I know this is not officially the final order for the show. It’s entirely possible “Community” could get a back 9 order next season or even, miracle of miracles, a fifth season.

I seriously just jumped out of my chair and did a round of crotch chops after reading that. Like it’s 1998 or something. Maybe I’ll wash down my celebratory romp with a refreshing bottle of Orbitz while I’m at it.

So, this could still be it, and smart money is on Dan Harmon and company penning these thirteen episodes specifically to provide some sense of closure. Still, it’s hard not to be a little optimistic; plenty of folks figured that season three wouldn’t happen, and… here we are.

Hey! Knowing how meta Community tends to be regarding television history, production, and tropes, how awesome would it be if the series finale is produced now, with the potentially-departing Chevy Chase still around, and aired at the backend of those thirteen episodes (or later, should it come to that) a la what happened with Babylon 5?

Well, I think that would be awesome.

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