Happy Trails: Paul Bearer, 1954 – 2013

Are you sitting down? Sit down. Are you wearing a hat? Take it off. Do you have a catheter? Plug it in.

Paul Bearer, also known as William Moody, passed away today. He was 58. This just happened so any exact details of his death are totally nonexistent for now.

Since Paul Bearer was around long before most people’s memories of wrestling characters end, chances are I don’t have to delve too deeply into who he was and what he was known for. But for the totally uninitiated: Paul Bearer was among the best of the crazy cartoonish wrestling managers. Even after the WWE shed most of its comic book stylings, Paul Bearer somehow remained, still clutching that urn.

His final appearance was last year, if memory serves. I had just begun to start watching wrestling again after several years away and the first thing I saw upon returning was Kane randomly locking Paul Bearer into a meat locker. Why? I dunno. Reasons. Some things just never change.

Sure, I’ve given up on rambling about wrestling on this blog[ref]…for now. Consider yourselves warned.[/ref] in favour of simply observing from a safe distance. But it’s hard not to sit up and take notice when someone like Paul Bearer dies. He’s one of those guys we all sort of knew, whether we gave up on wrestling a decade ago (wise) or never watched to begin with (even wiser) or still consider it a guilty pleasure (that would be me.)

It’s a shame that Paul Bearer won’t be around to induct The Undertaker and Kane into the Hall of Fame someday when their careers are finished. For that matter, if the WWE has any common sense, they should fast-track Bearer’s own candidacy to this year’s class. I doubt there would be any objections.

I guess now we’ll never find out exactly what was in that urn. Unless it was just an alternate for The Great Muta’s lamp.[ref]Well, probably not.[/ref]

Rest in peace.

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via WWE.com (and everyone on Twitter who used to like wrestling in the 90s.)