Japan Attempts World Domination With Bacon

bacon timeline chart

Are you in Japan? If so, you can now slap 15 slices of bacon on your Burger King whopper (do they call ’em “whoppers” in Japan?) for ¥100. That’s about $1.20 to you and me, Russ. This replaces the normal upcharge of ¥60 for a paltry, ancestor-dishonouring 3 slices.

I don’t know why anyone would want to do this, but we’re talking about a nation that’s spawned countless bizarre fast food concoctions… and this guy. So, whatever. Scotland has its deep-frying obsession; Japan has random, massive bouts of over-consumption.

Listen up kids: after spending a couple years as a wage slave food monkey, I know a thing or two about bacon, or rather the reddish-pink (mauve?) slivers of slimy meat-like extract that most chains attempt to pass off as bacon. You don’t want it in your body. Or on your body, or even near your body. If this “bacon” is remotely body-adjacent, you might want to leave the room.

Also, don’t do what this guy does.

Maybe I’m just a little anti-bacon thanks to the internet trying to force it into a meme. That, and the prospect of a bacon-themed reality show.

Source: Japanator.

2 thoughts on “Japan Attempts World Domination With Bacon”

  1. They call it a “Wappā” (ワッパー),

    Bacon is pretty good when made properly. I’m not sure where or why the whole rar, alpha male bullshit meme about it started. It certainly doesn’t improve everything.

    Bacon in the States is usually cooked to a crisp anyway, which isn’t something I enjoy.

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