[SMT/Persona] DX2: I'm Gacha Frost, ho!

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Re: [SMT/Persona] DX2: I'm Gacha Frost, ho!

Post by Bier_Engel » 1 month ago

Just pre-ordered my PS4 bundle of the dancing games. The Vita release details finally came out today, and while I originally would have preferred that, the digital-only release is likely too big for the amount of space I have left on my memory card, especially if I want any DLC, and if I have to buy a new memory card on my Vita to support it, it's probably going to be more expensive than paying the extra $20 for the PS4 versions, and now I get the art book too.

Plus, at the time these games were originally announced, I had the privacy concern of playing sort of embarrassing games in the living room where Mike can see. But now we have a basement and he spends a lot of time down there, which makes for less second-hand embarrassment for me.