Spring Cleaning 20X8

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Spring Cleaning 20X8

Post#1 » Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:01 am

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omw to delete ur posts

I'm gonna start pulling on some weeds around here. It's long overdue. It's been a long time coming. It's been... a long rooooad...

All that really means right this moment is that I'ma prune all kinds of shit no one ever uses anymore. That means any thread that hasn't been posted in or even viewed by anyone for one (1!) year is probably about to get the boot, and any active thread older than one (1!) year will be split at Jan 1st 2018 (or the closest 2018 post to that point) and the older stuff tossed aside. This includes The Land of Wind and Ghosts... which might also get cut entirely.

So if there's something in particular you need, uh... just start new threads for stuff? Y'know?


After that I'll probably retire a lot of unused/rarely used emoticons and roll in some fresh ones. BBCodes no one ever uses might also get cut, and some common ones might get newer/better shortcodes. Old functions no one uses but still contributes to server/database bloat will get turned off. RIP attachments. A lot of user profile baggage might go away, like the avatar gallery. Holy shit, remember when forums had avatar galleries? This one does, because it's fucking old.

All of this I can probably get done tonight, but the real work will begin when I start running some backend updates. WHEN THAT HAPPENS I'm probably also gonna need to retire and redo the forum themes and remove/update custom/broken script stuff. So I hope you didn't get too attached to this look. Ehh. I'm kinda bored of how this place looks anyway.

That part of the spring cleaning might not happen immediately but I'll let y'all know when it does. As always, go chat on the Discord if something breaks or if we have to take the board down for extended normal maintenance. In the event that something really doesn't work and we have to nuke the whole thing from orbit just to be sure it probably means I screwed something up and C6 had to come in and clean up my mess. Might be fun to see what a fresh phpBB install looks like in 2018 though. :pac


That is all for now,
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