So, Avengers Seems to Be Somewhat Popular

I know, right? Who knew tossing a bunch of wildly popular superheroes into the same film would make money!

Quoth Variety:

Disney-Marvel’s “The Avengers” grossed a mammoth $178.4 million from 39 overseas territories (70% of the international market — not including China or Russia), while domestic box office seemed stuck in a holding pattern waiting for the tentpole’s May 4 opening.

Going into the weekend, “Avengers” began dominating B.O. headlines as early as Wednesday, with record-setting opening-day figures in countries like Taiwan and New Zealand.

“Avengers” scored No. 1 bows in every territory including throughout most of Latin America, where the pic bowed most extensively. The film still has blue-chip markets like China, Russia and Japan to go — the latter two are set for day-and-date bows with the U.S., while “Avengers” is slated to debut in Japan in August.

It’s always nice to see the little indie art-house flicks do well. *sniff*

Seriously though, this is awesome news. Not because there was really any doubt that Avengers would fare well; foregone conclusions rarely come any clearer. Rather, it’s one hell of a feather in Joss Whedon’s hat. Huge numbers like these paired with the crazy positive critical response has to feel good. You know he’s still not completely over Serenity.

Okay, maybe I’m just projecting that onto the poor guy. Hey, maybe this big victory with Avengers will improve the odds of a proper Serenity follow-up? Two words for y’all: c’mon. C’mon!

Oh, and a quick memo to Variety before I continue…

In first place domestically, Sony-Screen Gems’ holdover “Think Like a Man” nabbed $18 million in its soph sesh for a Stateside cume of $60.9 million.

Oh for the love of science please stop it with the meaningless buzzwords already. Made-up language is best saved for infants and space operas (preferably delivered in the form of expletives) and not industry magazines crewed by Serious Entertainment Journalists™. It makes your content hard as hell to parse.

Oh, and it makes you look dumb, too. Not quite AICN-dumb, but at least beyond Pitchfork-dumb. Says the guy with the little geek blog. Whatever. The grapes are probably sour anyway.

Stoke the fires of your anticipation with this trailer that we’ve all seen a thousand times already but never get tired of!

Source: NeoGAF.

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