Suikoden-Inspired Americana Dawn Exceeds Kickstarter Goal

Much has been said over the last couple months about the emergence of Kickstarter as a funding platform for game development, with projects both big and small finding success. Sometimes, that success can be overwhelming, as was the case with Double Fine’s as-yet untitled adventure game project.

But nevermind the big names; if the rising tide of Kickstarter is indeed lifting all the boats (ugh!), then one of those little boats more people should be jumping into is Max K. Lam’s Americana Dawn, a Japanese-style RPG with strong artistic and mechanical influences from Konami’s criminally neglected Genso Suikoden franchise.

Here’s hoping that this little gem will roll out soon now that its funding goal has been met and exceeded. Not only could that particular era of American history really use a fresh take, via edutainment or otherwise, but it’s been almost six years since the last proper Suikoden game and as far as I’m aware, no other project taking those games as a primary inspiration have ever gotten this far. Or, for that matter: existed.

3 thoughts on “Suikoden-Inspired Americana Dawn Exceeds Kickstarter Goal”

    1. On the first message board I posted at years and years ago, the clique kids made a fad out of making shitty games with RPGMaker filled with in-jokes. It was annoying.

      Maybe that’s unfair to Exit Fate, but whatever. I disqualify it on the same grounds as, say, a DJ spinning tracks recorded from hitting the “demo” button on their keyboard.

      All apologies to Wesley Willis.

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