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Community Isn’t On Tonight And This Is Why

I’m not even going to say anything. I’ll just let the cast of Troy & Abed in the Morning explain the situation for me.

Okay, scratch that! Maybe I will say something. Everyone has been worried about how the departure of Dan Harmon would affect the show, right? Then you really need to watch this video. It’s just clever enough that it should put most of those lingering concerns to rest.

As the date for Community‘s return is still up in the air, we might not know for sure how the show has weathered the backstage shakeup for a while. But even if this quick video is only clever based on the strength of the characters and their actors – who knows who wrote this, after all – we can still take some reassurance from the fact that the cast is every bit as sharp as they’ve always been.

Or, keep freaking out. You internet folks have that down to a science. Here, calm yourselves down with a bunch of stuff from Tumblr.

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Source: Warming Glow. Images: Smoonie, Ginger Haze, Community Overdose, Periodically Sane, Enolah.