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Have A Slice Of Bill Nye’s Science Style

I’ve been doing my best to avoid as many instances of this Gangnam Style meme as I can. It’s a little too big for its own good, you know? Plus there’s a forced quality to it which turns me off. I’m tossing it into the same category as dubstep; it’s just a matter of time before TV commercials start using it, or WWE wrestlers desperately trying to appear topical, at which point the waveform will collapse and no one will care.

Unfortunately, Bill Nye is a tough Science Guy to ignore. So stand up and take a bow, YouTuber AlexRMSTITANIC. You got me. Good job. It won’t stop everyone from looking back on Gangnam Style ten years from now like it’s the fucking macarena, but it’s a start.

Source: Boing Boing.