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Star Wars Episode VII Will Be An Original Story

In case you were like me, rolling your eyes at the thought of a new Star Wars sequel based on one of those novels everyone pretends to like, worry not! Disney has followed up yesterday’s bombshell acquisition of Lucasfilm by announcing that Star Wars Episode VII will be wholly original.

So that’s one bullet dodged, but with this news also comes the revelation that Episode VII is written by George Lucas, at least in its current form. Which is fine, depending on which version of Lucas we’re dealing with. Hopefully there’s someone else in the room with him, preferably someone who isn’t afraid to tell him “no” when the need arises.

George Lucas today feels quite similar to Gene Roddenberry during the early years of The Next Generation; a towering figure perhaps better utilized in a detached showrunner or executive producer role, because when he gets anywhere near pen and paper, bad things tend to happen.

disney pictures logo
Ready to be greeted by this bad boy in 2015?

No word yet on just how original this original story will be, how far after Jedi it’s set (or if it’s even the true sequel everyone’s expecting), who’s in it, who’s directing, and so forth.

So until the news comes down that Episode VII will feature an invigorated Rebellion led by Zac Effron against Darth Jonas and the remnants of the Galactic Empire, let’s all just relax for now.

Source: io9. Image: GamingTruth; The Royalty Exchange.