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Japan Adds Breasts, Wins At Charity Forever

If you happened to be in Tokyo this past weekend – and please let us know why if you were because I love weird little happenstances like that – chances are you missed the charity event of the century while you were buzzing all the normal tourist spots.

The aptly-named fundraiser Erotica Will Save The World offered several intriguing attractions during its two-day span, though I doubt any of them turned heads quite like the “Breast Event”. To break the matter down succinctly: flash some ID, donate a little yen to the cause (AIDS awareness, and not for breast cancer as one might expect), wash your hands, and get your grope on.

Apparently you were allowed to rinse-repeat the process if the two-squeeze maximum wasn’t enough for you. Assuming that the minimum donation wasn’t too crazy, and knowing that there were ten actresses available, it’s safe to say that a lot of wallets were emptied that day.

I’m not sure what this adds or subtracts from the whole “Japan and the objectification of women” discussion. Maybe we can give this one a pass if there’s charity involved?

Well, whatever. You can keep your quaint bikini car washes, America! Japan is now the champion of sexy fundraising. Your move, rest of the world.

Source: RocketNews24