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Elder Scrolls Online Gets Its First Preview Video

Look, there it is right there. Crouch into sneak mode and hit play before it runs off.

It never seems to matter if you’re injecting an existing franchise into an MMO format or rolling something new, the same genre trappings are almost always there. Soft lighting? Check. Smooth rounded corners on nearly everything? Check. Slightly oversized environments designed to accommodate the mere possibility of large crowds? Check.

That said, at least the combat is looking somewhat more active than the usual MMO routine. The music is well in-line with Elder Scrolls past (Jeremy Soule again, perhaps?) and there’s potential in the backstory. Whether or not any of those positives will be enough to hook series fans or newcomers for more than the expected 14-day trial period, that remains to be seen.

The easiest jokes to make could very well be the most truthful: “Bethesda’s offline Elder Scrolls games are already buggy as hell so imagine how janky the MMO will be”; “if there’s a PS3 version it’ll never be updated”, etc. Regardless of all that, I can’t wait to find out.

Source: Massively. Image: Giant Bomb.