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Game Of Thrones To Be Immortalized In Beer Form

We may not have a Game of Thrones drinking game ready quite yet – until then the aliens will just have to suffice – but at least we’ll have official drinkable merch to inebriate ourselves with when the time comes.

Quoth The AV Club:

According to a press release, HBO has partnered with New York’s Brewery Ommegang to launch a series of Game Of Thrones-themed beers timed to the March 31 third season premiere, beginning with the first entry, Iron Throne Blonde Ale. The 750ml, $8.50-per-bottle beer is the first of four to come that will “directly tie into themes, characters, and nuances” established in the show’s universe.

I’m the guy who keeps interesting specialty bottles as decorations so I can’t wait to add one of these to my collection. I’m sure the Iron Throne Blonde Ale will look pretty awesome next to my Cascadian Secession Dark Ale.

A blonde, though? I can only assume that there’s a Targaryen or Lannister connection there because otherwise “Iron Throne” makes me think of the darker stuff. But while we’re on the subject of oh-so-apt Game of Thrones beer names, how about a “Varys Targaryen Golden Ale” or a “Melisandre Flaming Amber” if those aren’t too obvious?

“Triple-Slap Chocolate Stout.” “Tyrion Lannister’s Dragonfire Lager.” That would be a St. Patrick’s Day special, of course. Any old Arrogant Bastard with Joffrey on the label might work too. “Well-Hung Impish Ale.” Okay, I’ll stop now.

The Week That Was 12/2: On Impostors

Funny story! I was planning on getting another The Week That Was up last week, buuuut then a little game called Persona 4 Golden game out (only $39.99 for the Playstation Vita, available now! *ding!*) and suddenly a good 40 or 50 hours of my life vanished, like so many “missing time” cases on Coast To Coast AM.

On the plus side, a rather lengthy review did happen to appear on this very site, so it wasn’t a total loss, right? …right? And we do have something of a double-header this week to make up the shortfall, as John Layfield has put together his own “Wiik That Was” for your perusal. See? We’re totally professional!

The Weekly Haul

neil gaiman hostess ad
The world of the now-defunct Hostess, as imagined by Neil Gaiman. Naturally.

• Review: Persona 4 Golden – Addition Without Subtraction. Persona 4 was at the top of its class when it was first released in 2008, and this new version for the Playstation Vita is all that and more. With that in mind, my review mainly covers the changes and additions made by Golden, most of which are very positive.

• RAW Rambling 11/26/12: Not Quite The Avengers Initiative I’m fiddling a little bit with the format of these articles on the behest of Mr. Layfield. More context? More weird Tumblr pics? Star ratings for matches like it’s 1999 or something? Let me know what you want in the comments.

• Nicolas Cage Really Is In Everything It’s true, he really is.

• That Charles Barkley RPG Has A Sequel On Kickstarter I wonder if Mr. Barkley himself is aware of these games? He seems to have a pretty solid sense of humour, so I’m sure he’d be down with it.

• Game Of Thrones: The Lost Seinfeld Episode It’s pretty safe to say that Ned Stark wasn’t the “master of his domain”, unfortunately for him.

• The Wiik That Was – 10 Miiverse Images of the Past 7 Days I suppose Mr. Layfield felt the need to get my ass in gear with a “Wiik” of his own. Will this become a running feature? Who knows! You’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled.

News We Missed

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been paying as close an eye to my usual news sources these last couple weeks. Still, here are a couple items for you anyway.

• There was a Walking Dead swimsuit calendar, and it was horrifying. No, it doesn’t feature the show’s female cast. It’s all zombies in bikinis. Really. On the scale of disturbing ideas for calendars, this ranks somewhere between that fireman thing my mother tried to give me once (presumably as a test of my sexuality or something) and that one a bunch of old nude ladies did for some kind of medical research benefit. Brr. (via io9)

• Patrick Stewart pulled a Stephen Colbert impression for PBS. Now here’s fundraising I can get behind! Looks like Stewart’s recent appearances on The Daily Show rubbed off on him. (via TrekMovie)

Community Things!

CF-XCOM has been underway for a while now. Here’s the latest mission report straight from our forums’ own Falcon Critical:

We shot down a medium UFO, it took both our interceptors to do so, and we’re going to have to clear the insides of this thing. Thor takes another break, despite the last time he did so going disastrously.

The team spots high ground to one side and moves to secure it. Estranged sets herself up the elevated position and the team moves forward. Two thin men stroll into line of sight, HunterF and Est both miss their overwatch shots, but Est doesn’t the second time around. Squad sight snipers on high ground are pretty OP.

caffeine-fueled xcom

Estranged drops the thin man and HunterF retreats to better cover… uncovering two sectoids. Pontiff run and guns his way over and shotguns one, the other remains at large along with the thin man in another direction. With a couple of troops on overwatch, a suicidal sectoid charges at Pontiff and DHerder guns it down before it can get close.

Another two sectoids show up and one brazenly sits behind a tree daring us to shoot at him. We do, and we miss. The thin man from earlier has swung around to back up the sectoids as well, but Est puts him down. Pontiff moves in to get a shot at the sectoid, but it is overwatching.

caffeine-fueled xcom

It hits for 4 damage, meaning Pontiff’s going to be in the infirmary for a while. DHerder continues to lead by example, lasering the sectoid through a tree for the kill. Pontiff darts back to DH for a little healing spray, and HunterF finishes off the other little grey immigrant.

No other aliens appear on the way into the ship, and even inside the ship it’s in the control room that we find one Outsider. Everyone misses him and he responds in kind. Again most of the team miss, but HunterF claims the kill.

7 Aliens Deceased
Lt. “Drifter” Estranged (Sniper) – 12 kills, 8 missions
Sgt. “Prophet” D Herder (Support) – 7 kills, 8 missions PROMOTION
Cpl. “Loco” Pontiff of Zargos (Assault) – 8 kills, 4 missions PROMOTION WOUNDED (5 days)
Cpl. Hunter “Thunder” Friar (Heavy) – 7 kills, 4 missions PROMOTION
Sq. True Perception (Support) – 3 kills, 2 missions

Pontiff earns the nickname “Loco”, probably due to running into battle with a shotgun when facing plasma toting aliens.
HunterF steals some of Thor’s “Thunder” by proving his match as a heavy.

Want to help save the world? Sign up!

Ard, C-F’s artist du jour, may or may not be rendering myself and a few others as Persona characters. So look forward to that, should it really happen. You’ll just have to check out the forums for more!

One More Video!

Another shout-out to Ard for this one. See? Video games are beneficial! Take that, old people!

See you next week!

Game Of Thrones: The Lost Seinfeld Episode

Similar to how Guile’s theme goes with everything, the usage of Seinfeld’s lead-in music and laugh track will somehow make just about anything funny even if it should be impossible. If something was already funny to begin with – shazam! Now there’s an exclamation point on that, like all those old Mega64 podcasts that used the theme as a rimshot.

So, well… here it is. Seinfeld crossed with Game of Thrones, with the expected inclusion of Tyrion slapping Joffrey and Littlefinger being a snarky douche. All enhanced via the magic of sitcoms. You win, internet.

The Merch Table #2: Super-Bikinis, Ridiculous Ski Beards, & More!

Last week, I relaunched The Merch Table with a sparse three entries, the best of which wasn’t actually purchasable just yet. So I feel the need to put a few more chips on the table this time with five – count ’em! – five of the best new geeky wares the internet has felt kind enough to bring to my attention.

So hang onto your PayPal accounts, folks. The Merch Table #2 is a go!

captain america bikini

Superhero Bikinis

So, what is it? Hand-crafted beachwear in several superhero-themed patterns.
Where can I find one? Etsy.
How much? $100

Whether you have a significant other with a taste for comic book characters or you’re just into all that yourself, why not show it off a little bit… ifyouknowwhatimean? It could also double as a somewhat risqué cosplay option. Watch out for cameras.

Disclaimer: these superhero bikinis will not impart any superpowers, unless you count turning heads.

ski beard mask

The “Beardski”

So, what is it? A fake beard combined with a ski mask, of course!
Where can I find one? BustedTees.
How much? $29

Feel like earning yourself a little more attention on the mountain than you’re used to? Get yourself a Beardski! It’s a ski mask! It’s a beard! Seriously, what else could you possibly want?

Well, maybe a Viking helmet…

transformers transforming hat

Transforming Hats

So, what is it? A toy Transformer that turns into a hat. Or a hat that turns into a toy transformer?
Where can I find one? The Big Bad Toy Store.
How much? $25.99 to $49.99 (via preorder).

If you are the most obsessive Transformers fan on the planet, here’s the one thing you probably don’t have: a transforming hat. Or is it a hat transformer? Is it more than meets the eye, or is it in disguise?

Whatever, just be glad it’s an Autobot and not a Decepticon. You probably don’t want Starscream resting on your head. Bad times. I’ll hold out for the Beast Wars versions.

game of thrones toilet wall decal

Game of Thrones Toilet Wall Decal

So, what is it? A wall decal that turns your throne into something… throne-ier.
Where can I find one? Etsy.
How much? $29.99

If cleaning your bathroom is as arduous a chore for you as it is for me, why not buy one of these Game of Thrones wall decals for the space behind your toilet? Who would notice the mess if you’ve got one of those back there? Then again, most women dig a clean bathroom and there’s no telling what sort of reaction this would get.

Here’s hoping that you win this game of thrones because I can’t think of a worse place to die.

jet set radio soundtrack

Jet Set Radio Soundtrack

So, what is it? A digital rerelease of the Jet Set Radio OST.
Where can I find one? iTunes; Amazon (CD only).
How much? $9.99

Regardless of your feelings on Jet Set Radio and how it’s held up over the years, it’s hard to deny that the soundtrack was amazing. I’m not talking about the scraps of licensed radio hits that were added for US audiences (how many games of this vintage used “Dragula”, anyway? A dozen?) but rather the oh-so-very-Japanese original tracks.

If you haven’t heard those songs before, believe me that the $9.99 is well worth it. A returning fan? Well… what are you waiting for? I don’t need to explain this to you. Get movin’, Super Brothers!

…and that’s all for The Merch Table this week. Next time? Next time!

When You Play The Game Of Thrones Theme, You Either Win, Lose, Or Tie

Being a Canadian means that I really don’t get the appeal of high school and college-level sports, and by “the appeal” I actually mean ” the borderline psychotic obsession with”. It’s not that we don’t partake in the same stuff up here, in the lands of winter; it’s just that no one seems to have the same lifetime-defining attachment to it that a lot of Americans do. “I can throw this football over those mountains” was the one part of Napoleon Dynamite that I found funny as a result.

Then again, some hockey parents… forget I said anything.

Maybe that’s why the marching bands bust out anthems like this, the theme song from Game of Thrones? Is this their way of rebelling against the jock culture they’ve somehow fallen into? Or are the jocks just really into George R.R. Martin?

Source: MTV Geek.