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5 Great Moments in E3 History

This will just be a shorty today as I happen to have a fair amount of birthday drinking ahead of me, but with E3 coming up in just a couple days this is an opportune time to refresh your brain muscles on a few notable moments in the video game expo’s colourful history, starting above with my personal favourite: the Giant Enemy Crab from Sony’s disastrous 2006 conference.

Some of these clips may be less accessible than I would like for the non-gamers among you, so apologies for that. Maybe you just had to be there/watching on a livestream/into the little twists and machinations of the industry in general. Whatever the case, I’m sure Konami’s numerous failures should be entertaining to all, at least.

Incidents like the crab are fairly rare during the major pressers from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Thankfully we have the minor conferences to look forward to! Continue reading 5 Great Moments in E3 History