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Best Of VGM #2: The Jet Set Radio Medleys

This September, Sega finally released their HD remaster of the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio on Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam, under the slightly pretentious “Sega Heritage” label. Most reviewers – even those with the same nostalgia-tinted glasses that I have – were less than enthusiastic about it, citing issues of age and the evolution of mechanics far beyond what JSR was flirting with in 1999.

Regardless of how you feel about how well Jet Set Radio has held up over the years, very few people would dream of disputing the timeless quality of its soundtrack, which is our focus here today.

The following three DJ sets, or “medleys” I suppose, were taken straight from the original Dreamcast disc. Unfortunately, the new HD remaster doesn’t appear to mix tracks together in the same way, or at all, which I consider to be the biggest strike against it.

This first collection begins with Deavid Soul’s “Up-Set Attack”, segues into Hideki Naganuma’s “That’s Enough”, and finishes with “Everybody Jump Around” by Richard Jacques.

Our next tracklist features Deavid Soul’s “Miller Ball Breakers”, “Funky Radio” by B.B. Rights, and Toronto’s “Electric Tooth Brush”.

Finally, here’s a big compilation of five real oddballs: Hideki Naganuma’s epic “Sweet Soul Brother” and “Rock It On”, Guitar Vader’s hilarious “Super Brothers”, a quick break with Castle Logical and “Mischievous Boy”, and then one more descent into Guitar Vader’s madness with “Magical Girl”.

Not enough for you? Check out BearGamesTV’s YouTube channel for the rest. Huge props to him for compiling all these; short of securing a Dreamcast copy and ripping these mixes yourself, this is probably the only means available to hear these songs as they were originally intended to be heard.

As pointed out on this week’s Merch Table, you can purchase the soundtrack digitally via iTunes or physically through Amazon, albeit with a few tracks missing thanks to licensing issues. See also: any DVD release of old MTV animated series, such as Daria or Mission Hill. Don’t you just hate that?

Image: NeoGAF. Cube is the best character. Don’t argue with me about this.

The Merch Table #2: Super-Bikinis, Ridiculous Ski Beards, & More!

Last week, I relaunched The Merch Table with a sparse three entries, the best of which wasn’t actually purchasable just yet. So I feel the need to put a few more chips on the table this time with five – count ’em! – five of the best new geeky wares the internet has felt kind enough to bring to my attention.

So hang onto your PayPal accounts, folks. The Merch Table #2 is a go!

captain america bikini

Superhero Bikinis

So, what is it? Hand-crafted beachwear in several superhero-themed patterns.
Where can I find one? Etsy.
How much? $100

Whether you have a significant other with a taste for comic book characters or you’re just into all that yourself, why not show it off a little bit… ifyouknowwhatimean? It could also double as a somewhat risqué cosplay option. Watch out for cameras.

Disclaimer: these superhero bikinis will not impart any superpowers, unless you count turning heads.

ski beard mask

The “Beardski”

So, what is it? A fake beard combined with a ski mask, of course!
Where can I find one? BustedTees.
How much? $29

Feel like earning yourself a little more attention on the mountain than you’re used to? Get yourself a Beardski! It’s a ski mask! It’s a beard! Seriously, what else could you possibly want?

Well, maybe a Viking helmet…

transformers transforming hat

Transforming Hats

So, what is it? A toy Transformer that turns into a hat. Or a hat that turns into a toy transformer?
Where can I find one? The Big Bad Toy Store.
How much? $25.99 to $49.99 (via preorder).

If you are the most obsessive Transformers fan on the planet, here’s the one thing you probably don’t have: a transforming hat. Or is it a hat transformer? Is it more than meets the eye, or is it in disguise?

Whatever, just be glad it’s an Autobot and not a Decepticon. You probably don’t want Starscream resting on your head. Bad times. I’ll hold out for the Beast Wars versions.

game of thrones toilet wall decal

Game of Thrones Toilet Wall Decal

So, what is it? A wall decal that turns your throne into something… throne-ier.
Where can I find one? Etsy.
How much? $29.99

If cleaning your bathroom is as arduous a chore for you as it is for me, why not buy one of these Game of Thrones wall decals for the space behind your toilet? Who would notice the mess if you’ve got one of those back there? Then again, most women dig a clean bathroom and there’s no telling what sort of reaction this would get.

Here’s hoping that you win this game of thrones because I can’t think of a worse place to die.

jet set radio soundtrack

Jet Set Radio Soundtrack

So, what is it? A digital rerelease of the Jet Set Radio OST.
Where can I find one? iTunes; Amazon (CD only).
How much? $9.99

Regardless of your feelings on Jet Set Radio and how it’s held up over the years, it’s hard to deny that the soundtrack was amazing. I’m not talking about the scraps of licensed radio hits that were added for US audiences (how many games of this vintage used “Dragula”, anyway? A dozen?) but rather the oh-so-very-Japanese original tracks.

If you haven’t heard those songs before, believe me that the $9.99 is well worth it. A returning fan? Well… what are you waiting for? I don’t need to explain this to you. Get movin’, Super Brothers!

…and that’s all for The Merch Table this week. Next time? Next time!