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The Fresh Prince Enters Sonic’s Hydrocity Zone

Adolescent Delsaber should’ve seen this coming. Despite spending a ton of my yout’ watching Fresh Prince reruns nearly every weeknight and playing Sonic 3 – that’s 1/2 of the best Sonic game of all time, by the way – combinations like this one never occurred to me.

But now that it has, there’s something about the Fresh Prince theme’s beat that I figured would lend itself more to other Sonic levels. I just can’t quite place which ones. Marble Garden, maybe? Mushroom Hill?

Whatever. I should be happy that Sega Genesis mashups are happening at all. It almost validates the mid-90s version of me who was always arguing with the SNES kids.

Yay Mashups! Michael Jackson Meets Streets of Rage

In case you missed it: remixes of Yuzo Koshiro’s Go Straight from Sega’s classic Streets of Rage 2 are everywhere, and we collected several of the best renditions in The Best of VGM earlier this year. But this mashup with Michael Jackson’s Bad is on a whole other level.

Maybe you already knew this, but Michael Jackson was a huge Sega aficionado back in the day. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker was a Sega Genesis exclusive, designed at least partially with the King of Pop’s input, and legend has it that a few of his uncredited compositions found their way into various Sonic games (Ice Cap Zone, perhaps?) He also made a cameo in Space Channel 5 on the Dreamcast, which was already completely insane without “Space Michael”.

If chiptune had been a thing back in the 80s, perhaps this mashup could’ve been the true version of Bad, knowing Jackson’s affection for video games. That would be an interesting alternate universe to live in.