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PSA: Community is Back, October 19th, #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, etc.

One of the rules of blogging is repetition and routine. Keep at it, once a day or more, until people start paying attention. So if you’re getting the nagging feeling that I’ve written this same post about four times already, that’s because I have.

Or it’s just NBC being weird with their scheduling, which for some reason is something I find newsworthy when it happens to affect the best show on that network which not nearly enough people are watching.

Look, Community’s fourth season begins tonight. Either that means something to you or it doesn’t. If it does: Creator Dan Harmon is long gone, but everyone else is still around, including most of the writer’s room (for now.) And of course all those actors y’all go crazy for, even if Chevy Chase could be taking a walk at some point. That trailer is pretty good too, right? So check your local listings. If that’s still a thing people do.

If this doesn’t mean anything to you: well, there’s always Big Bang. Good ol’ safe ‘n’ predictable Big Bang.

Britta speaks for me. Perhaps she speaks for all of us.

Thanks, Kikito!

Community Returns On Several Dates For Maximum Confusion

Boys and girls, start your facepalms!

First, there was the original season four start date of October 19th, which turned out to be more a metaphysical the-power-was-in-you-all-along sort of deadline that NBC didn’t feel the need to meet. That’s okay, we know they’re very busy people.

Then, after a week or so of silence, Canada’s CityTV announced that new episodes of Community would air on Friday, November 9th… in Canada only, naturally. Those of you without a little Canadian in you (would you like some?) may know CityTV best as the odd little logo in the corner of all your torrent downloads and Tumblr screencaps.

But wait, there’s more! Shortly after the CityTV announcement, Community cast member Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted that there is indeed an American airdate: Thursday, February 7th, 8PM. Months after the show was supposed to air and almost exactly the date Joel McHale jokingly predicted on Jimmy Kimmel a couple weeks ago.

However, for those of you fearing that torrent downloads of the Canadian broadcasts would impact the ratings that actually matter when NBC finally takes the show out of the can next year, worry not! CityTV got their date wrong. It’s actually January 11th. Oh wait, now it’s not. It’s TBA. Whoops!

So until even further notice, October 19th will now happen on February 7th. The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that NBC wants this thing to fail, which is ridiculously shortsighted of anyone who has put this much investment into anything.

*crumples paper, tosses it behind my shoulder*

Source: Splitsider; @yvettenbrown Image: The Iconophile.

Community Isn’t On Tonight And This Is Why

I’m not even going to say anything. I’ll just let the cast of Troy & Abed in the Morning explain the situation for me.

Okay, scratch that! Maybe I will say something. Everyone has been worried about how the departure of Dan Harmon would affect the show, right? Then you really need to watch this video. It’s just clever enough that it should put most of those lingering concerns to rest.

As the date for Community‘s return is still up in the air, we might not know for sure how the show has weathered the backstage shakeup for a while. But even if this quick video is only clever based on the strength of the characters and their actors – who knows who wrote this, after all – we can still take some reassurance from the fact that the cast is every bit as sharp as they’ve always been.

Or, keep freaking out. You internet folks have that down to a science. Here, calm yourselves down with a bunch of stuff from Tumblr.

data geordi community

community troy emotions

community journey hawkthrorne

community troy abed

Source: Warming Glow. Images: Smoonie, Ginger Haze, Community Overdose, Periodically Sane, Enolah.

Community Season Four Confirmed! Suck It!

If for some reason you are one of the many, many people unfamiliar with the greatness that is Community, now you’ll have thirteen more chances to find out what you’ve been missing.

Quoth Hitfix, bringers of joy:

A source close to production has confirmed that NBC has ordered 13 episodes of the low-rated critical darling. Unlike the “30 Rock” final season renewal, as far as I know this is not officially the final order for the show. It’s entirely possible “Community” could get a back 9 order next season or even, miracle of miracles, a fifth season.

I seriously just jumped out of my chair and did a round of crotch chops after reading that. Like it’s 1998 or something. Maybe I’ll wash down my celebratory romp with a refreshing bottle of Orbitz while I’m at it.

So, this could still be it, and smart money is on Dan Harmon and company penning these thirteen episodes specifically to provide some sense of closure. Still, it’s hard not to be a little optimistic; plenty of folks figured that season three wouldn’t happen, and… here we are.

Hey! Knowing how meta Community tends to be regarding television history, production, and tropes, how awesome would it be if the series finale is produced now, with the potentially-departing Chevy Chase still around, and aired at the backend of those thirteen episodes (or later, should it come to that) a la what happened with Babylon 5?

Well, I think that would be awesome.

Community Is Back! Tonight! Watch It!

I’m not usually one to cheerlead for my favourite shows like this – a lifetime of letting myself get attached to doomed sci-fi/fantasy franchises will sap that energy eventually – yet I feel the need to make an exception this time.

Community is an amazing show. Along with FX’s Archer, it represents the current pinnacle of smart TV comedy and is easily the funniest show going on the major networks. Unfortunately, unlike Archer, not to mention a whole slew of far less entertaining sitcoms that simply refuse to die, Community has been teetering on the brink of cancellation for some time now. That it’s even returned to play-out the remainder of its current season is an occurrence we all considered to be somewhat unlikely just a few months ago.

So tune in tonight at 8PM and watch it, goddamnit. NBC. CityTV for us canucks. 8PM. On the TV. Just do it. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to echo Britta’s sentiment below.