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6 Potential Outcomes of Google’s Project Glass

From the woooorld of tomoooorrooow file at The New York Times:

On Wednesday, Google gave people a clearer picture of its secret initiative called Project Glass. The glasses are the company’s first venture into wearable computing.

The prototype version Google showed off on Wednesday looked like a very polished and well-designed pair of wrap-around glasses with a clear display that sits above the eye. The glasses can stream information to the lenses and allow the wearer to send and receive messages through voice commands. There is also a built-in camera to record video and take pictures.

“It is unquestionably the future, and you would have crashed your stupid flying car anyway.”Three Panel Soul.

That said, maybe not everything that comes out of Project Glass will be entirely benign. Here are a few examples. Continue reading 6 Potential Outcomes of Google’s Project Glass