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China Protests The Senkaku Islands Dispute With Topless Bodypainting

Whether you refer to them as the Senkaku isles or the Diaoyus or just a bunch of craggy rocks in an ocean somewhere, everyone in the region seems to have staked themselves claim, and the situation is only growing more intense. Even Taiwan has stepped up their interest, which got them into a naval waterfight with Japan the other day over the issue. Taiwan anywhere near matters of sovereignty with China is usually a cause for concern.

China, not content to simply incite their citizenry to riot at the Japanese embassy, has apparently found a far more titillating alternative: topless bodypainting. It’s like Japan’s recent boob-centric charity efforts, just with less groping involved. Allegedly.

There’s a rather large and totally not creepy gallery of images from this event over at Senkaku Complex, if that’s your thing. Don’t lie. We’ll know if you’re lying.

Source: Senkaku Complex (NSFW).