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C-F Radio! Random-Ass Radio Show! #1! The First!

It’s been a long damn time coming, but I’ve finally managed to drag myself out of the shell just long enough to start playing around with podcasting again. The last time was nearly five years ago… not that anyone remembers, of course. Thankfully. The handful of episodes that we managed to produce back then were mostly terrible.

So what is The C-F Radio Random-Ass Radio Show? Put simply, it’s me fiddling with old software attempting to refamiliarize myself with the creative process. So it’s an experiment, the ongoing product of the learning curve I’m on, tossed up here with the barest minimum of editing to the delight and horror of all. Behold!

Right now, it’s silly text-to-speech gimmicks and random clips I have laying around, plus a little music, all taunting me to cut them apart. And that’s probably all the Random Show will ever be – we have other plans beyond these little shorties. If possible, this podcast will eventually become a companion to one or perhaps two others; something to fill the gaps when scheduling conflicts arise elsewhere. Details forthcoming, as are proper feeds and the like. All things in time.

But nevermind all that for now. Check out the inaugural Random-Ass Radio Show sitting right above you! Leave whatever comments you like below… and see what might happen to them next week! Madness!