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Happy Trails: Leonard Nimoy, 1931 – 2015

Are you sitting down? Sit down. Are you wearing a hat? Take it off. Do you have a catheter? Plug it in.

Leonard Nimoy, whom most of you probably know best from the original (O.G.) 1960’s Star Trek, passed away this morning. He was 83. He had been hospitalized for the last couple days with chest pains related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Don’t smoke, kids.

Writing this post is really quite a strange, detached kind of feeling, for despite seeing the news earlier this week of his hospitalization and therefore being kinda-sorta-almost steeled towards this possibility, it never really felt like the kind of thing that could actually happen. I’ve been watching this guy on and off basically my entire life. That should’ve made the guy immortal. Y’know? He should be running on a beach somewhere with Sean Connery as we speak.

young leonard nimoy
Mr. Nimoy as an impossibly young man

Nimoy had a long and storied career before and after Star Trek. From the scratchy black-and-white westerns that seemingly everyone on the original Trek cast appeared in at one point or another, to the pointed ears that made him a household name, to authoring books in rebellion against (and later in acceptance of) the role that made him most famous, and standout roles on shows like Fringe.

Then there was all the stuff I’m sure he’d rather forget. The Bilbo Baggins song is one such example, part of an album produced during a period in the entertainment business when just about everyone was contractually obligated to moonlight as a singer regardless of interest or skill. Mr. Nimoy was arguably more successful at it than than Shatner at least.[ref]Common People notwithstanding.[/ref]

leonard nimoy sideburns
You wish you could rock sideburns like these.

Better oddities include guest spots as himself on both The Simpsons and Futurama, and more than a few voice credits in video games, from the modern classic Civilization IV to Yoot Saito’s bizarre Dreamcast curiosity Seaman.[ref]Apparently he was even in a recent Kingdom Hearts game, which wrinkles my brain in ways I never thought imaginable.[/ref]

His final appearance was a brief return to Spock in 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness, and while the film may not have lit the world aflame, his presence was never not welcome. And if some neckbearded Trekkie says anything to the contrary I will fight them against a reddish-purple backdrop to the music from Amok Time. Fact.

If anyone would like another dose of weekend homework, try the aforementioned Amok Time, plus other Spock highlight reel episodes from the original series such as The Galileo Seven. If you’d like to experience a Spock episode at the opposite end of the quality spectrum, grab a bottle of gin with some green food colouring and brace yourself for Spock’s Brain. The movies will probably hit too close to home right now, but Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, and Voyage Home are all great for the character. Cap your evening off with the Unification two-parter from The Next Generation if you’re in the mood for something more modern. All are available on Netflix and probably those clicky-clacky “library tapes.”

It’s going to be weird for a while going into this new, post-Nimoy world. If you’re feeling just as uneasy, take solace in the fact that he’s only the third actor from the original Star Trek’s regular cast to pass away so far.[ref]Contrast that statistic with fellow television sci-fi staple Babylon 5, which has lost more actors in 20 years than Star Trek has in 50.[/ref] It would be difficult to live a life longer and more illustrious than he did. His impact was considerable for a “mere” actor and entertainer, which ensures that in some small way, maybe he really is immortal.

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP

wrath of khan gif

As it happens, Caffeine-Fueled lost a member and fellow Star Trek fan not long ago to heart failure at the crazy young age of 29. If by some chance it turns out that there’s no truth at all behind that cold, scientific Vulcan logic, then perhaps Mr. Nimoy and Parallax are both out there somewhere, taking a look around.

via The New York Times; image credits and general inspiration to TrekCore, various Tumblrs, and TVIV

Trailer Dissection: Star Trek Into Darkness

This has been a very Trek-heavy week. The plot synopsis and one-sheet poster for Star Trek Into Darkness hit early, followed by the Season 2 blu-ray for The Next Generation on Tuesday, then came Star Trek Online’s winter event, and now the first teaser trailer for Into Darkness up above. Kind of an overload.

Nevermind all that other fluff, though. The trailer is why we’re here, so let’s pull this thing apart and see how it ticks.

The first major consideration is that Benedict Cumberbatch’s lead villain remains unidentified. Earlier reports stated that he’s someone we’ve seen before, presumably from either the original series or the first six movies, with the word “iconic” attached. Khan is the obvious first suspect – too obvious, and too not-British. Gary Mitchell (an American character originally) is generally the second most common name floating around. Reimagining him to be from England in this timeline is less of a head-scratcher than reworking a Vader-class villain like Khan.

Our second consideration could be a clue in disguise: the blonde woman seen here being mentally undressed by Kirk. If she turns out to be a young Carol Marcus, then Cumberbatch could indeed be Khan. However, she also strongly resembles Elizabeth Dehner from the classic TOS episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, which was Gary Mitchell’s story. It’s also possible that either Marcus or Dehner could appear independent of whoever Cumberbatch is playing, which throws this avenue of speculation out the window.

One quick note: Cumberbatch’s character is seen wearing Starfleet duds a couple times in this trailer. Khan and his people only really did that in the same manner as hunters wearing the bones or skins of their prey. Mitchell however, was a Starfleet officer. That said, it was only flirting with the galactic barrier that drove Mitchell to the dark side, so to speak. The mere glimpses we’ve seen here are very different in tone from that old story. Less action-adventure, more thriller.

On the subject of story themes, most of this teaser takes place planetside with our only ship shots being sea-based for once. Who knows if the real deal will really be so down to Earth, of course; but it could be an early indicator of the subject matter we’re in store for. Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if one of those ships messing around underwater is the Reliant despite Khan having nothing to do with this movie?

A proper extended version of this trailer opens with The Hobbit on December 14th (pray not to get stuck with one of the 48FPS versions) and Star Trek Into Darkness is out May 17th, 2013.

Happy 25th Birthday, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Don’t you feel old now, huh?

That’s right, Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered 25 years ago today, the first truly original addition to the franchise amidst years of reruns and movies with the original cast. It was a huge experimental moment for syndicated television, a breath of fresh air for sci-fi, and… kind of a hard episode to watch, actually. “Encounter at Farpoint”, like most of The Next Generation‘s inaugural season, really doesn’t hold up very well.

Of course, if you’ve read this far, chances are you know the history well enough already, so let’s just skip the preamble rather than waxing nostalgic any further. There’s bound to be enough trumpeting of virtues going on elsewhere; we here at Caffeine-Fueled would prefer to celebrate the only way our booze-addled Friday night brains know how: YouTube clips, and lots of ’em!

So sit back and feast your eyetounges on these memory pops!

Picard Can’t Sleep

Data’s Access Code From Hell

Worf’s Dating Advice For Wesley

Q Is Mortal Now + The Original Facepalm

Worf Objects To All This Nonsense

Worf Objects Again, This Time More Strongly

Riker Has Had Enough Of Your Shit

Data’s Lifeforms Song

Worf Delivers Keiko’s Baby

Data’s Crazy-Ass Dreams

Worf Being Talkative

The Creepiest Thing You’ll See Today

Captain Picard Day

Data’s Klingon Ritual Challenge

Riker vs. Klingon Women

Data Trolls Everyone With Small Talk

Q Is God Now

Worf Takes Care Of Data’s Cat

Picard Gets Some With Shakespeare

Einstein Sucks At Poker

Picard Lawyers The Sheliak

Fine, Here’s A Serious One: The Defector

Data’s Beard

Q’s Mariachi Band

Finally, Here’s Q’s Special Parting Gift