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Super Monkey Ball Gets a “Breast Mode”

Sega has decided to offer promotional codes unlocking an “adult map” in the upcoming Playstation Vita installment of Super Monkey Ball, because simply rolling a ball with a monkey trapped inside it wasn’t strange enough. Something was missing. Apparently, that something was tits. Isn’t it always?

If you remember Tapeheads, you should already know that true production values can only be attained via tits and ass. In this case those production values are nice ‘n’ firmly attached to Yukie Kawamura, a Japanese gravure idol – or “bikini model” as we call them outside of creepy-otaku-stalker-land (or Senkaku Complex. Boom!)

It’s been kind of a rough ride for Sega as of late, so maybe the situation is bad enough that reaching for the low-hanging fruit (pun intended) has become a necessity. Not that they haven’t done this before, mind you.

Should you require a video of Yukie Kawamura playing with herself, well, here it is. Continue reading Super Monkey Ball Gets a “Breast Mode”