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Frak, Again: SyFy Passes on Blood and Chrome

Despite everyone loving the hell out of that sweet trailer that leaked online yesterday (which was very quickly pulled), SyFy has once again reiterated its apathy towards the Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood and Chrome. “It was ALWAYS meant to be a YouTube thing,” apparently. Let’s see if we can pull together a few other reasons.

1) Fans of genre television must always suffer, whether due to early cancellations, rejected pilots, network intervention, showrunner musical chairs, unnecessary/unplanned epilogue seasons, or various combinations of the above.

2) SyFy is afraid of stumbling on another mainstream critical success, just in case the folks from the New York Times or Rolling Stone or whatever – y’know, Important Entertainment Journalists™ – start tuning in more often to discover that aside from this one big show, all the network really does is WWE and Mansquito-level TV movies.

3) As previously implied by the fate of that other Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica, odds are best that the network simply has no idea how to handle its own franchises. SyFy: the Sega of basic cable.

Oh well, at least we might still get that “digital series”, which in science fiction production terms is basically just a diplomatic way of saying “green screens and virtual sets for everything!” So, Blood and Chrome will be to Battlestar Galactica as The Lost Tales was to Babylon 5. Got it.

Source: Deadline.

Blood and Chrome Trailer Post In Which The Word “Frak” Is Used (UPDATED!)

UPDATE: NBC/Universal pulled the trailer with the speed of… something BSG-related that is very speedy, I don’t know. So you’ll just have to use your imaginations until it reappears someday on a DVD or something.

Frak. There, it’s done. Moving on!

There hasn’t really been any word on Blood and Chrome since the depressing revelation last year that SyFy had downgraded its status from “THE FIRST WORTHWHILE SERIES ATTACHED TO OUR NETWORK SINCE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ENDED” to “oh, it’ll just be a webseries.” With that unfortunate handicap in mind… wow, this actually looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

Oh sure, there’s been the occasional success story in the series of tubes format – take Mortal Kombat Legacy as one example, which oh-so-coincidentally featured BSG‘s Tahmoh Penikett – but c’mon. You can tout online distribution as Lisa Simpson’s “wave of the future!” as much as you want; it’s just not an ideal showcase for your only franchise still capable of garnering both popular and critical acclaim.

…no, wrestling doesn’t count.

Source: Warming Glow