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Skyrim Gets Lynchian With The “Crimes Against Nature” Mod

This began as an attempt to convert Skyrim’s dog head to a working headmesh. It evolved into something arguably worse.

Just in case inserting random Final Fantasy characters and Macho Man Randy Savage into your own personal world of Skyrim wasn’t enough for you, here comes the “Crimes Against Nature” mod. It does exactly what it says on the tin: the unspeakable, the unconscionable, the grotesque. Or a means to live out your weirder Genso Suikoden fantasies. You know who you are.

If you have the stomach for it and a taste for the bizarre, shlep on over to the source of all this madness and check it out for yourself, brave ones. There’s a quick trailer below for the rest of us. The ones who like to watch.

Unfortunately, while deer heads might be in there along with all the dogs, cats, animate furnishings, and *sigh* ponies, I doubt there are any NPCs wandering around commenting about Skyrim’s “damn fine coffee”. Maybe in the next version? That would make me very happy.

If my cat could talk, I would definitely want her to have Claudia Christian’s voice.

Source: GammaSquad, bringer of nightmares.