Caffeine-Fueled Is Alive! Again!

This happens to us a lot.

Long story short: gremlins got onto the wing and brought the plane down. Or, a wizard did it. Or… issues with webhosting. Whatever it was (smart money is on the wizard) we’re back now. Unfortunately, everything else we did before isn’t. We’ll use some wizardry of our own to restore a few choice pieces from The Before Time but you should probably consider this to be a fresh start.

…and it’s not like we really needed all those random-ass news articles from 2008 anyway. No, these grapes aren’t sour.

The design is still a work in progress and could quite likely morph into something entirely different without any notice whatsoever. Actual content will trickle out… soonish. So, watch out for that and give our forums a visit if the wait drags on too much.

Thanks for the patience… assuming anyone stuck around these last couple months for us to thank. We’re getting there.

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