The Week That Was 11/18: On Recoveries

Been a long time since I last activated The Week That Was, C-F’s weekly recap post, so here’s a quick rundown on the format: I’ll begin with an aimless preamble for padding (like this!), segue into a recap of our writings and ramblings from the previous week, and then a few words on stories we didn’t have time to cover.

Did you know that we have a forum attached to this site? Well, now you do! Should something really awesome have happened over there, I’ll toss props in the community section below. There may also be random images or videos peppered here and there for colour.

The Weekly Haul

Slim pickings this week, but sometimes less is more. Right? Right! Give these a read if you missed them earlier.

persona 4 twilight
Persona 4 Golden, out this week for the Playstation Vita. *ding!*

RAW Rambling 11/12/12: The Scripting Is Busted It only took three weeks of my doing this column for the show to start nosediving again. New theory: wrestling is only truly watchable in the summer, post-Wrestlemania and pre-Survivor Series, at most.

Japan Attempts World Domination With Whoppers I wonder if you’re more or less likely to encounter the usual horrors of minimum wage quality control at Japanese fast food joints.

Reminder: Twilight’s Robert Pattinson Is One Of Us As much as I personally can’t stand Twilight or anything attached to it, I can’t hate Pattinson, thanks to this. Dude’s savvy and self-aware and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Yay Mashups! Michael Jackson Meets Streets of Rage Thor brought us this follow-up to his Best of VGM debut. Something about that old music video for Bad just screams Streets of Rage… or The Warriors… the crossover potential is endless! Altered Beast/Thriller? Okay, I’ll stop.

News We Missed

• That Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere. We already know that American judges can grandfather-rule internet videos into permanent online residence, and I’m not disputing that ability. I just have to wonder about their taste. (via WithLeather)

• The Dole/Kemp 1996 Campaign Website Is STILL ONLINE. All caps because, well, IT’S STILL ONLINE, SERIOUSLY. This is like the American political equivalent to those old Japanese soldiers found on deserted islands in the South Pacific who still thought the war was going on. Yes. Exactly like that. (via The AV Club)

• People Are Already Disappointed With The Wii U’s Graphics. Because of course they are. After seven or eight generations of video game hardware, you’d think most people with memories longer than last week’s episode of Survivor would remember that a new platform’s potential is never reached straight out of the gate. Why would the Wii U be any different? (via Kotaku)

• Coffee Could Be Extinct By 2080. Phew! I should be dead by then. Technically it’s just the arabica strain that’s expected to die off, so only all the coffee worth drinking will be affected. The other stuff, robusta, is mainly used to make that freeze-dried stuff, which barely even counts as coffee. So unless this can be averted, our younglings will just have to develop a taste for matcha. Poor bastards. (via NY Post)

snl thor
Our Thor often feels this way at the gym.

Community Things!

Catherine/Caffeine-Fueled fanart by ard! You may have noticed all the sheep people floating around in the background, plus other minor stylistic touches. It would seem that our merry band of femmes and fellas has grown to the point where myself and other pillars of the community now have their own sheep people. Of course, unless you’re familiar with Catherine and post on our forums, it may fly right over your head. This can be remedied! Get in there!

Again, huge props to ard for all the hard work. Once he has a portfolio online, be sure to check it out via the credit links in the footer.

One More Video!

From forumer DHerder222.

I don’t know what the hell champale is, but I want some.

Champale: for when you’ve completely run out of anything else even remotely alcoholic. I imagine it tastes like Crystal Light drink crystals mixed into an Old English 40oz. Yum!

See you next week, folks!