New Feature Rundown 20X8

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New Feature Rundown 20X8

Post by Delthazar » Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:13 pm


phpBB 3.2.x actually does have some pretty solid, one might even say modern, embed support for multiple media types, albeit in the form of an official mod I just installed. (Maybe just tear off the band-aid and roll this into the default install next time guys.)

SO! In the old days, we used to use BBCode stuff like [youtube] or [v] for YouTube embeds, which also worked (kind of) for Dailymotion and Twitch. These are no longer necessary! You can use the new [media] tag for this, however, all you really have to do now is paste the video link into your posts and the board will do the work for you.

Look ma! No tags!

This will always work best if you let the video link have its own line. Something Awful, the most modern of message boards (lol sorry Lowtax), has the same functionality, and sometimes people over there paste video links at the end of sentences, which always looks dumb and bad, so don't do that okay

Obviously, all posts from before the update won't take advantage of this, since they're all still using the now-defunct embed tags. I might see if I can redirect those BBCodes to the new hotness, or just edit some (recent) posts when I'm bored - whatevs.


Twitter embeds work too! In the same way! Just paste the tweet link! ... 3279750145

There are literally dozens of link/media types this supposedly works with, although I imagine y'all will mainly use it for YouTube and the occasional tweets for news threads or whatever, there is support for stuff like Soundcloud and Spotify if you wanna share non-YouTube audio sources in music threads. ... ainkillers

...and Imgur, which means y'all could probably also use it for images, if they're public and/or published to Imgur's shitty community... if for some raisin the existing [img] isn't good enough for you.

🍆 Emoji support is now a thing, too. 🤷 There's no telling how some of them might render here though. 🤔 But at least we can now post like we're not on a message board. 👏 THE 👏 OLD 👏 EMOTICONS 👏 WON'T 👏 BE 👏 GOING 👏 AWAY 👏 DON'T 👏 WORRY 👏 ABOUT 👏 IT 👏

Anyway. New easy-ass YouTube embeds! Tweets! This was all worth it!
- The MGMT