[Stellaris] Actual Universalis

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:03 pm

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Falcon Critical » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:49 pm

So we have death stars now? :pac

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:25 pm

Not just Death Stars, but also Ur-Quan slave shields! I think. For when you're too nice a guy to blow up whole planets but still enough of an asshole to lock entire worlds underneath impassable glowing barriers. :sci

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:11 pm

Apocalypse is out, and with it the big free 2.0 update. I'll wait on the expansion for a while but I'll totes jump back in to check out the free changes to the base game, which sound just as significant, if not more so:
Spoiler for looooong patch notes :
# Free Features

# FTL Rework
* Every empire now starts with the Hyperdrive FTL.
* Wormhole Travel and Warp Travel are no longer available FTL types at the start of the game, and have been changed into additional (and very different from before) modes of travel detailed below.
* Pairs of Natural Wormholes can now be found scattered across the galaxy, connecting two star systems across vast distances. It is possible to pass through them for near-instantaneous travel, with the correct technology.
* Gateways are ancient megastructures connected in a network. Like the Wormholes, they allow instant travel across the galaxy. Gateways need to be activated before they can be used, and you are able to construct new Gateways once you have the technology to do so. Gateways do not require Utopia to restore or build.
* FTL Inhibitors prevent hostile fleets from advancing, they can only leave by the hyperlane they came from while any FTL Inhibitors in the system remain active. Starbases and planets get access to FTL Inhibitors if you have researched the associated technology.
* Jump Drives now allow fleets to make near-instantaneous point-to-point jumps that ignore hyperlanes. However, jumping has a long cooldown and significantly debuffs the fleet while the cooldown is in effect.

# Starbases
* System ownership is now determined by who controls the Starbase in it. Starbases are similar to Frontier Outposts and Spaceports combined into one, and they can be upgraded and specialized with different modules and buildings. You must now fully survey a system before constructing a Starbase in it
* Starbases can be upgraded from Outposts into Citadels (5 levels total)
* Starbases have module slots (0/2/4/6/6) that can be filled out with different Modules such as Shipyards and Trading Hubs
* Starbases have building slots (0/1/2/3/4) that can be filled out with different Buildings such as the Fleet Academy and the Nebula Refinery
* Starbases can build and maintain their own fleet of defensive platforms. The number of defensive platforms a Starbase can support depends on its size, buildings and other factors such as ascension perks

# Fleets
* Fleet Command Limit is a cap on how many ships can be in the same fleet, effectively limiting how many ships a single admiral can command and provide bonuses to.

# Ascension Perks
* Most basic ascension perks are now available in the base version of Stellaris. Megastructures and Psionic/Biological/Synthetic ascension paths still require Utopia
* Added the Eternal Vigilance ascension perk that boost your defensive capabilities, increasing starbase defensive platform cap, and effectiveness of defensive platforms and starbases
* Added the Executive Vigor ascension perk that doubles your edict duration

# Army rework
* Attachments have been cut from the game. Some of their effects were rolled into techs
* Defensive armies are no longer built, but are rather created automatically to garrison planets from certain buildings, such as Capitals and Fortresses
* Orbital Bombardment was changed. While a fleet is bombarding a planet, it will now deal damage to both armies defending the planet, and the planet itself. Planet damage is a value that goes from 0 to 100%, and once it hits maximum, a tile on the planet will be damaged, ruining any building on it and potentially killing pops and creating blockers. More severe forms of bombardment do more damage to both armies and planets
* Planets can now construct Fortress buildings that provide additional defensive garrisons. Armies spawned by a Fortress cannot suffer any damage from orbital bombardment while the Fortress is functional
* Assault armies engaged in battle on a planet will now cause collateral damage to the planet, in the form of planetary damage similar to from bombardment. Different types of armies cause different amounts of collateral damage
* Armies at low (<50%) morale will now have their combat ability reduced, in addition to the more severe penalty that already exists for being at 0 morale
* Planets now have a combat width that determines how many units can take and deal damage at the same time during combat
* Planets no longer have a limit to how many armies can be garrisoned on them
* Armies now have a chance to disengage from battle when they take damage and their health is at <50%. Disengaged units will not deal damage or take damage as long as there are other units to fill the combat width
* Retreating from an invasion now results in each retreating unit having a chance of being overrun and destroyed. The chance increases if the unit is at low health

# Unit Experience
* Armies and Ships will now gain experience from combat and rank up. Higher rank armies/ships are more effective in battle

# Galactic Terrain
* Certain systems will now have effects on ships in them. Pulsars, Neutron Stars and Black Holes will affect ships in the same system in various ways, while Nebulas prevent all outside sensors from having a view of the system

# Fleet Manager
* We have added a new interface that lets you manage your fleets. You can manage templates, retrofit designs and reinforce all fleets.

# Technology
* Technologies have been reworked into 5 tiers, and many have had their base costs changed
* Renamed Atmospheric Restoration to Atmospheric Transformation
* Doctrine: Fleet Support no longer unlocks any spaceport modules, but instead increases naval capacity
* Interstellar Fleet Traditions tech no longer unlocks any spaceport module, but instead unlocks two starbase buildings
* Auxiliary Fire-control technology added to the game
* Modular Engineering technology has been added, which reduces starbase building and module build cost by 25%
* Each ship size has two technologies that increases hull points. For example, corvettes can increase their hull points by +100 two times
* Each ship size has a technology to increase the build speed of that ship size by 25%
* Technologies that unlock new ship sizes also increase Fleet Command Limit by +10
* Orbital Hydroponics tech removed from game
* Will to Power tech removed from game
* Wormhole Stabilization technology has been added to the game, and it is required to travel through Wormholes
* Gateway Activation technology has been added to the game, and it is required to activate Gateways and to travel through them
* Gateway Construction technology has been added to the game, and it is required to build new Gateways

# Traits
* Traditional species trait has been added, which increases unity output
* Quarrelsome species trait has been added, which reduces unity output

# Spaceports
* Spaceports as an entity no longer exist, and starbases with shipyards are required to build military ships. Every planet can build civilian ships through the spaceport tab, including Habitats
* All spaceport modules removed from the game. Some were converted into Starbase buildings

# Pirates
* Pirates can now spawn in any unowned system near your borders. Pirate spawns keep getting stronger as the game goes on. Pirates will raid systems to destroy mining and research stations
* Pirates cannot spawn during the first 10 years of the game

# Sensors & Intel
* Sensor range is now a measure of how many FTL jumps away you can see rather than euclidian distance. A sensor range of 1 gives view of only the same system, 2 of same and neighboring system, and so on
* Intel levels have changed. They are as follows: None (Unknown), Low (unsurveyed but known), Medium (surveyed, not in sensor range), High (unsurveyed, in sensor range) and Full (surveyed, in sensor range)
* You no longer need to survey systems owned by other empires you have comms with. Exception is systems owned by Fallen Empires or Marauders

# Edicts
* Edicts now all have an up-front cost and a duration, rather than being able to be toggled on and off. The only exception are one-off edicts such as Land Reclamation
* Removed a bunch of planetary edicts, and many others were turned into empire edicts. In addition, many of them have had their effects tweaked or reworked.
* Recycling Campaign empire edict added to the game, which reduces consumer goods cost
* Healthcare Campaign empire edict added to the game, which increases pop growth
* Education Campaign empire edict added to the game, which increases leader experience gain
* Fear Campaign empire edict added to the game, which increases unity output and xenophobia

# Game Setup
* Can now set when mid-game and end-game events will start at galaxy setup
* Can now set overall speed at which tech and traditions are unlocked at galaxy setup
* Can now set frequency of wormholes and abandoned gateways at galaxy setup

# Misc.
* Added some new events for gaining additional Precursor artifacts outside of anomalies, this should guarantee that precursor chains can always be completed
* It is now possible to start a game with no other empires in it, but this will disable conquest victory
* You now start with your home system explored, and largely fixed (slightly randomized) number of resources present
* No longer possible to trade star charts with other empires, instead you can trade for communications
* War Philosophy now controls whether or not you can freely make claims on other empires. It is always possible to claim systems of empires that you are fighting a defensive war against
* Broken planets are now their own planet class, instead of using the barren planet class
* The Scyldari are now Spiritualist rather than Materialist, as the prescripted empires were looking a bit Materialist-heavy
* Changed the Iferyx from Xenophobe to Pacifist, and gave them Corporate Dominion, to give them a different AI personality from Yondars
* Added new component reactor booster with 3 levels and accompanying techs - aux slot component that gives extra power to ships, the basic version is available as a start tech
* Mineral Processing technology no longer gives +2000 Mineral storage cap, but rather unlocks Nebula Refinery
* Consolidated mineral storage modifiers from techs into just a few techs instead of spread all over
* Military Stations removed as a buildable station type. They are now Defensive Platforms for starbases.
* Added Resource Replicator building and accompanying late-game tech, which converts 50 energy into 30 minerals per month
* Auxiliary Fire-control aux component added to the game, which is an aux slot component that increases weapon hit chance
* Curators now ask if you wish to renew their research agreement when it ends
* Added a new Corvette-section: Picket Ship with 1 point-defense slot and 2 small slots
* Added Feral Prethoryn events

# Balance

# Important
* Armor has been reworked completely. It is no longer a damage reduction modifier, but rather a separate source of hit point, similar to hull points or shields.
* Weapons can deal additional (or reduced) damage to hull points, armor and shields. Damage is first applied to shields, then armor and lastly hull.
* Most weapons have been reworked in accordance with these new changes. All weapons have been rebalanced according to a 1.3 tech curve, meaning for example that Blue Lasers are 1.3x stronger than Red Lasers (rather than about 1.10-1.15x as before)
* Missiles have been completely reworked. All missiles now use the guided slot and ignore shields completely
* Reactors are now a required component, and are no longer placed in Utility Slots
* Strike Craft now only exist as one entity, and are no longer split up between bombers and fighters
* Point-Defense has been reworked to adjust for new strike craft stats
* You now always start the game with laser, projectile and missile weapon techs, as well as basic shields and armor tech
* Becoming Federation President now requires an empire to own at least 10% of a Federation's total planets, OR at least half the number of planets of the largest member. Empires who do not fulfill this condition will be passed over for leadership.
* Only science ships staffed by scientists can now enter systems that you completely lack intel on (stops 'corvette exploration')
* Added Force Disparity mechanics. In combat, a smaller force that is engaging a larger one (based on total combined fleet sizes) will now get a bonus to firing speed, to make casualties in battles less lop-sided
* Ships now have a chance to disengage from combat whenever they take hull damage while already at <50% health. The chance depends on the amount of damage dealt, the ship size (smaller ships have an easier time disengaging) and ship/country modifiers. Disengaged ships are not dead, but do not take any further part in the combat, and rejoin the fleet once combat ends
* Leaders now cost 200 energy to hire instead of 50 influence
* Resettlement now costs energy instead of influence
* Basic (lvl 0) Farms, Mines and Power Plants removed
* Lvl 1 buildings (Farms, Mines, Power Plants) can now be built on new colonies
* Ship upkeep is now 1% of cost in minerals, and 0.5% of cost in energy

# Ethics
* Xenophobe ethics now reduce starbase influence cost by 20%, and claim cost by 10%
* Fanatic Xenophobe ethics now reduce starbase influence cost by 40%, and claim cost by 20%
* Spiritualist ethics now increase unity output by 10%, and reduce edict cost by 5%
* Fanatic Spiritualist ethics now increase unity output by 20%, and reduce edict cost by 10%

# Civics
* Buffed Shadow Council to -75% influence election cost
* Driven Assimilators can now allow Cyborgs to procreate (they do not need food to grow)
* Successfully assimilating a Pop as a Driven Assimilator now generates one month's worth of Unity and Society Research
* Driven Assimilators can now research most Genetics techs
* Driven Assimilators can now derive Assault and Defense Armies from Cyborg Pops
* Servitor Morale modifier scaling has been made more granular, updating per every 5% Bio-Trophy population rather than every 10%
* Rogue Servitors and Assimilators can now uplift species
* Corporate Dominion civic now increases Trading Hub energy output by 1, instead of +10% energy credits. In addition, it also unlocks Private Colony Ship
* Imperial Cult civic no longer reduces edict cost by 33%, but rather increases edict duration by 20%
* Cutthroat Politics civic no longer increases monthly influence by +1, but rather reduces edict cost by -20%
* Inward Perfection no longer increases monthly influence by +1, but rather increases edict duration by 10%
* Charismatic ruler trait effect on edict cost reduced from -20% to -10%
* Planetary Unification technology now increases monthly unity by +5
* Distinguished Admiralty civic no longer increases evasion or fire rate, but rather increases admiral level cap by 2

# Traits
* Fortifier ruler trait effect changed to reduce starbase upgrade cost by 20%
* Trickster admiral trait now gives +25% ship disengagement chance instead of -50% emergency FTL damage
* Charismatic ruler trait effect on edict length reduced from +25% to +20%
* Deep Connections ruler trait now requires Planetary Unification technology and is no longer available for starting rulers
* Eye for Talent ruler trait no longer increases leader recruitment cost, but instead increases Leader Experience Gain by 20%
* Eager and Newboot now reduce leader cost by -50% (instead of -33%)
* Fertile trait now also increases unity output by 10% and other species happiness by 5%
* Erudite trait effect on leader level cap increased from 1 to 2
* Robust trait gene point cost reduced from 6 to 4, and also increases all pop output by 5%

# Technology
* Technology cost is now based on number of owned planets & systems, number of pops has no effect
* Corps of Engineers now increases starbase upgrade speed by 25% and reduces starbase upgrade cost by 15%
* Combat Training technology now gives +15% assault army damage and morale
* Technology is now twice as expensive to research for Awakened Fallen Empires
* Moved some techs to the Computing and New Worlds tech categories, to make them more useful specializations
* Renamed Rocketry category to Propulsion, and moved kinetics weapons tech into it, to make it a more useful specialization
* All technologies should now belong to a category intended for its field, ie no more statecraft technologies in physics
* Gaia Creation technology removed from the game, Gaia World terraforming is now a part of the World Shaper ascension perk
* Planetary Unification technology now unlocks campaign edicts
* Atmospheric Manipulation technology removed
* Terrestrial Sculpting technology now allows you to terraform planets into other climates as well
* Terrestrial Sculpting technology base cost increased from 1000 to 2000
* Ecological Adaptation technology base cost increased from 3000 to 4000
* Ecological Adaptation technology now requires Terrestrial Sculpting instead of Atmospheric Manipulation
* Climate Restoration technology now requires Terrestrial Sculpting instead of Atmospheric Manipulation
* Galactic Markets technology now requires Colonial Centralization instead of Galactic Administration
* Galactic Benevolence technology now requires Colonial Centralization instead of Galactic Administration
* Interplanetary Research Initiative technology now requires Colonial Centralization instead of Galactic Administration

# Traditions
* Tradition cost is now based on number of owned planets & systems, number of pops has no effect

# Expansion
* Reach for the Stars expansion tradition no longer affects colonization influence cost, but rather reduces starbase influence cost by 10%
* Galactic Ambitions expansion tradition no longer reduces upkeep for frontier outpost, but rather increases starbase capacity by 2

# Domination
* Domination adopt effect now unlocks Demand Tribute and Demand Vassalization diplomatic actions instead of the previous effects.

# Purity
* Never Surrender purity tradition now increases starbase hull points by +10% and defensive army health +50%

# Prosperity
* Administrative Operations now also reduces starbase upkeep by 10%
* Trans-Stellar Corporations no longer unlocks private colony ship, but rather increases energy output by 5% and Trading Hubs produce an additional 1 energy

# Harmony
* The Greater Good effect on unrest reduction reduces from 25% to 20%

# Supremacy
* Supremacy adopt effect no longer increases border range, but rather increases starbase capacity by 2 and reduces starbase upgrade cost by 20%
* Supremacy finish effect no longer increases fire rate, but instead unlocks War Doctrine policies, which allow you to give different bonuses to your ships
* Master Shipwrights no longer increases naval capacity, but rather reduces upgrade cost by 20%.In addition, the effect on ship build speed has been increased from +15% to +25%
* Right of Conquest now reduces claim cost by 20% instead of war demand cost
* War Games no longer increases admiral level cap, but rather increases command limit by 20 and ship fire rate by 10%

# Discovery
* Polytechnic Education effect on leader experience gain reduced from 33% to 25%

# Ascension Perks
* Interstellar Dominion no longer increases border range, but rather reduces starbase influence cost and claim cost by 20%
* Mastery of Nature no longer unlocks all tile blocker clearing technologies, but rather gives your planets access to an edict that can permanently increase their size by 1 to 3, depending on their size. In addition, effect on tile blocker clear cost reduces from 50% to 33%.
* One Vision now also increases unity output by 10%
* World Shaper now requires Climate Restoration technology
* World Shaper no longer gives Atmospheric Manipulation technology, but rather unlocks the ability to terraform planets into Gaia Worlds. In addition, effect on terraforming speed removed.
* Voidborne now only requires Star Fortress technology
* Galactic Force Projection effect on naval capacity reduced from 200 to 80. In addition, fleet command limit is also increased by 20.

# Crisis
* Reduced the chance of the Contingency crisis triggering
* Contingency now uses particle/tachyon lances instead of Arc Emitters
* Contingency-occupied planets are now left without an owner upon liberation to prevent border gore

# Fallen Empire
* It is now possible to spawn 5 fallen empires in a Huge galaxy if you have Synthetic Dawn

# Misc.
* No longer possible to release a planet undergoing Stellar Culture Shock as a vassal
* Native Indoctrination now costs energy but gives society research
* Increased the energy cost of native Enlightenment and Infiltration
* Boosted the society output of Passive and Active native observation
* Living Metal now gives -20% Megastructure Build Cost instead of +30% Megastructure Build Speed
* Reduced consumer goods cost of Chemical Bliss, Utopian Abundance and Social Welfare, as the happiness boosts provided were simply not worth the massively increased costs
* Increased effect of leader skill on election support
* Domesticated Prethoryn fleet no longer uses naval capacity, and cannot be disbanded
* Colonized planets and habitats always have a spaceport tab to build civilian ships
* The fleet donated by the Cybrex no longer uses up naval capacity and cannot be disbanded
* Machine Leaders no longer cost 100% more influence (random breakdowns are balanced enough against leader age)
* Afterburners now add some evasion
* Synthetics in Servitude no longer have a penalty to energy production
* Hacking the Infinity Machine is now far more likely to succeed, and yields a better reward
* Self-Modified Pops now count as a different species for the purpose of species rights
* Planetary Shield Generator now only requires Planetary Administration rather than Capital
* Xenophobe empires will no longer experience Pop self-modification, as this would just result in them being instantly enslaved
* Shields and Armor technologies have now had their costs rescaled a bit
* You now automatically have survey data on most systems owned by empires you have communications with. Certain empires, such as Fallen Empires, will not share survey data
* Each ship class now has multiple types of combat computers to choose from, with different combat tactics suitable for the ship class.
* Science, Construction, Transport and Colony Ships are no longer designable, but rather has a fixed cost and are auto-updated with the latest components
* Reworked Enigmatic Shields and Power Cores into Dark Matter Deflectors/Reactors, tier 5 techs that can be scavenged from Fallen Empires
* You can now repair and get reduced orbit maintenance at allied starbases
* The orbit maintenance cost reduction is now applied when orbiting a starbase with Crew Quarters, not when orbiting a planet
* Stars now always have some sort of deposit, so that there are no completely useless systems
* Crystal-Infused and Crystal-Forged plating are now regular utility slot items that add hull points to ships
* Significantly reduced the amount of naval capacity empires get in the late game. Maximum possible naval capacity is now 1000
* Doubled the impact of more advanced thrusters on ship sublight speed
* Shield Capacitors now increase shield hit points by +10% instead of increasing shield regen
* Lowered MTTH on the Dragon's Hoard events
* Most ship sizes can now be inspected, even crisis ship designs
* Defensive Platform build time reduced from 180 to 120
* Defense Platform upkeep costs reduced from x0.75 to x0.25
* Mineral Processing and Advanced Mineral Processing technologies no longer unlock Mineral Silos
* Removed Mineral Silo buildings from the game, and is now instead a starbase building
* Added tradition effects on tech weights for some technologies
* Private Colony Ship is now unlocked by the Corporate Dominion civic
* Authoritarians can now use species-wide slavery
* Equalized combat computer stats and specialized them more towards their specific roles
* Habitat Labs effect on research output reduced from 3/3/3 to 2/2/2
* Gaia Planets and Machine Worlds now have the same cost (10000) and time to complete (7200)
* Gaia World now increases pop output by +10% instead of increasing unity output by +15%
* Machine World effect on pop output reduced from +25% to +20%
* Delicious Titans modifier now gives +20 food (static) instead of +50% food
* Doubled the chance for non-Tomb World colony event chains to fire within the first five years after colonization
* Trader Enclaves now give resources monthly instead of in lump sums when you make a trade deal with them.
* The Artisan opinion reward for patronage is now given immediately instead of monthly
* Demand Vassalization and Demand Tribute diplomatic actions now require Domination Traditions to be adopted
* Art Monument purchase cost increased from 1500 to 3000
* Ministry of Culture purchase cost increased from 2000 to 5000
* Ministry of Benevolence building influence cost increased from 100 to 150
* Ministry of Benevolence building mineral cost reduced from 500 to 300
* Galactic Stock Exchange building influence cost increased from 100 to 150
* Galactic Stock Exchange building mineral cost reduced from 500 to 300
* Research Institute building mineral cost reduced from 500 to 300
* Research Institute building influence cost increased from 100 to 150
* Plague Memorial building effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%, but now also produced 2 unity
* Consolidated the three Curator enclaves into a single country
* Energy Torpedoes have been reworked into a long-range plasma-like artillery weapon that go into the L-slot

# AI
* Major AI work and changes for new and changed features
* Fixed AI evaluation of which portal belongs to which extra-dimensional invader
* Added a 'crisis fighter' AI module used for Cybrex and Sentinels, that should make them more effective at their jobs and less prone to getting stuck
* Roaming space monsters now have their own AI module that should make them less prone to getting stuck or wandering into suicidal situations
* Sectors will now always want to have at least 300 energy left after clearing a blocker, instead of spending their last energy credits

# User Interface
* 'Maintenance' is now always referred to as 'Upkeep'
* Tooltip for planet view pop counter now tells you the amount of each species on the planet
* Expansion planner now hides planets in other empires' space
* Map icons now differentiate between different kinds of military & civilian ships, and show a different icon for ships that are in FTL
* You can now see in the outliner when you have planets that need buildings or upgrades
* Added more descriptive tooltips to species view to tell you which species are living on which planets
* Added a Help button in the connection window shown when failing to connect to a server
* Systems now have a brief descriptive tag (such as 'Homeworld System' or 'Mining System') shown in the nameplate in system view. This descriptive tag is scriptable in the system_types database folder.
* Added a notification for when an edict expires
* Sensor Range is no longer displayed on the Galaxy Map
* Single ships that are heading to merge with another fleet are no longer shown in the outliner
* Galaxy and system view now show remaining duration in the tooltips for planets with ongoing terraforming processes
* Component Torpedo Slot (T) is now called the Guided slot (G)
* Transport fleets can now be set to aggressive stance. Aggressive stance transports will automatically follow nearby military fleets and invade hostile planets, if odds are favorable

# User modding

# Misc.
* armor_damage can now be specified for components
* Added a hull_damage column to the components sheet which decides how much bonus damage is dealt to hulls
* combat_max_speed and combat_rotation_speed have been removed, only max_speed and rotation_speed are used now
* can_recharge_shield component property has been removed
* Added shipsize_X_hull_add
* Add add_casus_belli effect
* you can now skip the hyperlane creation and the auto discovery of systems created by spawn_system
* Rename on_white_peace -> on_status_quo, on_white_peace_forced -> on_status_quo_forced
* Removed declare_white_peace_with effect
* Added fleet settings can_disband and uses_naval_capacity
* Removed can_support_spaceport option from planet class
* Removed spaceport context switch
* Removed random_spaceport, every_spaceport effects and any_spaceport, has_spaceport_construction triggers
* Removed create_spaceport effect
* added effects add_seen_bypass_type, add_seen_bypass
* Added support for show_tech_unlock_if for armies
* change_species now works to change country founder species
* Civics can enforce species traits on the primary species
* Added new scope system_star, targets the star object in a solar system
* Added new scope capital_star, targets the star object in capital solar system
* Added set_species_flag, remove_species_flag and set_timed_species_flag effects
* Added effect remove_auto_move_target
* Added effect auto_move_to_planet, this makes a fleet automatically move to and orbit the targeted planet
* Added fleet_uses_templates game rule
* Added an on-action for when an auto-moving fleet completes its movement to destination
* Added optional parameter destroy_on_arrival to auto_move_to_planet effect
* Added new effect auto_attack_fleet = { target = <fleet> }, makes a fleet follow and force-attack another fleet regardless of hostility rules. Can be aborted with remove_auto_move_target
* Reworked auto_attack_fleet into auto_follow_fleet with an optional attack_fleet parameter, if off the fleet just keeps following the target
* Fixed every_ship and every_pop effects being read with an incorrect scope
* Files in common/defines and common/sector_settings use UTF-8 encoding (without BOM) to be consistent with other script files
* Added a define to control whether staffed science ships are needed to explore unknown systems
* Scripted base cost for Traditions removed and is now based on a defined base cost
* clear_uncharted_space is now clear_uncharted_space = <Country/GalObj>
* Added leader_age_min and leader_age_max variables for randomizing an age in create_leader effect
* Can now set whether a ship size is able to be inspected with sensors or not using can_be_inspected setting
* Possible to script create_fleet with species name in fleet title name
* Added effect randomize_flag_symbol = <category>
* Add clone_leader effect where the last created leader is cloned
* set_skill effect now ignores level caps
* create_leader effect now takes skill level (skill = 1-10) instead of amount of experience, and ignores level caps
* Added show_notification flag for Casus Belli types
* Add add_static_war_exhaustion effect for planet destruction events
* Add event target for attacking country in add_static_war_exhaustion effect
* Add define for message notification standard duration (30 days)
* ship_emergency_ftl_mult now controls the chance that a ship takes damage or dies during emergency FTL
* Support for Male/Female Second Names in Name Lists
* Added location EventTarget for battle in add_static_war_exhaustion effect
* Add random_owned_starbase effect
* Added add_claims effect
* Added remove_claims effect
* root scope in effect inside create_species now points to root instead of from
* It is now possible to script a limit on how many an empire can build of a certain ship size, potentially scaled to naval capacity
* Add exclusive_trigger to event options that, if valid, disables all other event options
* Use false as default value for is_space_critter (previous named has_leader)
* declare_war, can_declare_war: enemy country is specified with "target"
* declare_war and can_declare_war require the attacker_war_goal to be specified
* Added a should_force_rename setting to governments, that forces an empire renaming if they are switched to or from
* Added set_planet_size effect
* The resettle_pop effect now optionally takes a tile as well, planet does not need to be defined if moving pops on the same planet
* added 'base' parameter to modify_species effect to change the base species of the new species
* Exported orbital bombardment stances into a scriptable database, so new stances can easily be added
* Added a ship size setting for whether designs should have a mineral maintenance cost
* Added tiered_technology_module for country types, unlocks all techs of a certain tier and below
* Armies can now be set as not being limited by number of pops
* Added set_fleet_bombardment_stance effect
* added "can_have_their_comms_shared" to country type to allow countries that have custom diplomacy to be shared with allies
* Added effects add_hyperlane and remove_hyperlane
* change_pc effect now lets you keep the previous planet entity
* added on_action events for on_space_battle_lost and on_space_battle_won the same way other such events are triggered from the combat manager

# Defines
* Added CLAIM_COST_MAX define limiting how much a single claim can cost
* WAR_EXHAUSTION_MAJOR_WAR_MULT gameplay define is now added to 1.0 before being applied
* Apply WAR_EXHAUSTION_MAJOR_WAR_MULT properly for fleets and armies
* Added define WAR_EXHAUSTION_MIN_FROM_BATTLE which defines the minimum amount of war exhaustion gained from battles that is required for it to be registered
* Rename WAR_EXHAUSTION_X_MUL defines to WAR_EXHAUSTION_X_MULT for consistency
* WAR_SCORE_X defines have been reworked into WAR_EXHAUSTION_X
* PLANET_DISSOLVE_ANIMATION_TIME_SCALE define has been added to the game
* MILITARY_POWER_ARMOR_DAMAGE_WEIGHT define has been added to the game
* MILITARY_POWER_ARMOR_WEIGHT define has been added to the game
* SHIP_SPEED_SCALE define has been added to the game, which decides how the scripted/displayed ship speed scales towards the internal speed
* REPAIR_RATE ship define has been removed
* STARTING_WEAPON_TECHS_ICONS define has been removed
* STARTING_WEAPON_TECHS define has been removed
* OUTPOST_STATION_BUILD_SPEED_MULT define has been removed
* REPAIR_SHIELD_MUL define has been removed
* START_REPARATION_TIMER_DAYS define has been removed
* STATION_SELF_REPAIR_RATE define has been removed
* WAR_SCORE_WARGOAL_MULT define has been removed
* WAR_SCORE_FLEET_COMBAT_WIN_BASE gameplay define has been removed
* WAR_EXHAUSTION_ENFORCE_SURRENDER define has been removed
* WAR_EXHAUSTION_SHIP_KILLED_MUL define has been removed

# Modifiers
* Added ship_max_damaged_effect static modifier which is fully applied to damaged ships at 1% HP and scaling to nothing at 100% HP
* ship_hull_regen_add_perc modifier has been added to the game
* ship_hull_regen_add_static modifier has been added to the game
* ship_armor_regen_add_perc modifier has been added to the game
* ship_armor_regen_add_static modifier has been added to the game
* ship_shield_regen_add_perc modifier has been added to the game
* ship_shield_regen_add_static modifier has been added to the game
* station_self_repair static modifier has been added to the game
* ship_armor_damage_mult modifier has been added to the game
* ship_armor_regen_add modifier has been added to the game
* ship_disengage_chance_mult modifier has been added to the game
* ship_shield_reduction modifier has been added to the game
* ship_armor_reduction modifier has been added to the game
* ship_speed_reduction modifier has been added to the game
* country_claim_influence_cost_mult modifier has been added to the game
* country_distant_claim_influence_cost_mult modifier has been added to the game
* country_claim_distance_mult modifier has been added to the game
* ship_auto_repair_add modifier has been removed
* ship_auto_repair_mult modifier has been removed
* ship_hitpoints_add has been renamed to ship_hull_add
* ship_hitpoints_mult modifier has been renamed to ship_hull_mult
* ship_hull_damage_mult modifier has been added to the game, which decides how much bonus damage is dealt to hulls
* starbase_building_build_{cost,speed}_mult modifiers has been added to the game
* starbase_module_build_{cost,speed}_mult modifiers has been added to the game
* shipclass_<class>_build_speed_mult modifiers has been added to the game
* ship_disengagement_chance_reduction modifier has been added to the game
* ship_shield_regen_mult modifier has been removed
* orbit_repair_effect static modifier has been added to the game
* ship_combat_speed_mult modifier has been removed, only ship_speed_mult should be used
* opinion_white_peace_not_accepted has been renamed to opinion_status_quo_not_accepted
* country_starbase_upkeep_mult modifier has been added to the game, it affects upkeep of all Starbases, Starbase Buildings/Modules and Defense Platforms in empire
* ship_speed_reduction modifier has been added to the game
* ship_speed_reduction modifier has been added to the game
* ship_shield_hp_add has been renamed to ship_shield_add, to be consistent with armor and hit points
* Component armor_value has been removed and is now handled via the ship_armor_add modifier
* Replaced the define for ship orbit reduction with ship_orbit_upkeep_mult modifier, multiplicative on maintenance when ship is docked with Starbase
* renamed leader_influence_x_cost modifiers to leader_x_cost
* shipclass_X_hit_points_mult has been renamed to shipclass_X_hull_mult

# Triggers
* Added is_designable trigger which checks if the ship design/ship/fleet is designable
* Added has_auto_move_target trigger
* Added has_species_flag trigger
* added "owns_any_bypass" trigger. Returns true if the scoped country owns a bypass of the type passed in parameter. Ex = "owns_any_bypass = gateway"
* the "distance" trigger can now skip either min_distance or max_distance for when you want don't need both
* New trigger "num_active_gateways" compares the number of currently active trigger to a value
* Removed war_demand_counter trigger
* Removed is_proposing_war_demands trigger
* Added count_starbase_modules trigger
* Added has_starbase trigger and set_starbase_owner effect
* add has_casus_belli trigger to check if a country has a valid CB (any CB or a specific one) on another country
* Added trigger has_hyperlane_to
* Add count_starbase_sizes trigger
* Add any_owned_starbase trigger
* Add using_war_goal trigger
* Add free_army_slots trigger
* expended trigger "is_constructing" to also accept "starbase", "mining_station", "research_station", "observation_post" and specific ship class to see if a constructor ship is constructing it
* {off,def}_war_score_sum triggers have been reworked into {off_def}_war_exhaustion_sum triggers
* {attacker,defender}_war_score triggers have been reworked into {attacker,defender}_war_exhaustion triggers
* Rework is_charging trigger to has_status trigger for checking the current status of colossus
* Added has_orbital_bombardment = yes/no trigger
* Renamed orbital_bombardment trigger to has_orbital_bombardment_stance
* Add is_charging trigger for checking if a colossus is charging to attack a planet
* added triggers has_seen_any_bypass, has_seen_specific_bypass

# Graphics
* Added new main title screen
* Improved the look of borders in galaxy map. Empire colors now use two colors and have their borders shaped by all owned systems rather than just colonies
* Exploring a system next to the galactic core will now lift the Terra Incognita on the galactic core
* Terra Incognita is now entirely based on which systems you have intel on
* Hyperlanes are now brighter and more visible
* Changed hyperlane color from Green to Cyan to help with accessibility

# Performance
* Improved caching of pathfinding and system distance from FTL consolidation into hyperlanes
* Less ships overall in late-game should lead to increased performance

# Achievements
* Added 10 new achievements

# Bugfixes
* Small Space Amoeba weapon is now properly a small-sized weapon instead of a medium-sized weapon
* Fixed event-generated countries getting the wrong randomized name lists
* Improved descriptive triggers for Species Rights
* Fixed and improved Artisan Troupe interactions
* Fixed layout and added new assets for Gene-modding header button
* Fixed rebel countries sometimes getting one Ethic too many
* Avoids crash when using a country that doesn't have a tech module
* Fixes crash when a leader is of an invalid class
* Fixed fleet move order showing the real name of unvisited systems
* Outlawing sapient AI now only removes sapient AI assistant, rather than also removing non-sapient AI assistant
* Devouring Swarms can no longer process robotic pops into food
* Fixed a couple of Anomaly categories never spawning
* Fixed hot join country selector using multiple stars to indicate the previously played country
* Crash fix when an invalid country invites a correct country to a Federation
* Fixed an assert and potential crash when a saved technology no longer exists
* It is no longer possible to rename planets owned by other empires that are inside your borders
* Auto-Exploring fleets now use the correct status icon in the outliner
* Added missing scope switch for description trigger in certain leader trait events
* Fixed Machine Uprising silently fizzling out in some edge cases
* Fallen Machine Empires can no longer have two simultaneous compliance demands on the same empire
* Gene-modding a species will now also modify an appropriate portion of owned colony ships with that species
* Fixed the Horizon Signal event chain causing unintended events to fire on Tomb Worlds in the player's capital system
* Fixed factions in Inwards Perfection empires referring to Diplomacy traditions when they mean Adaptability
* Habitats are now destroyed when their Pops are purged by the Prethoryn
* Prevent crash in weird cases when a galaxy has more nebulas than actual systems
* Fixed National Purity and Native Privilege agendas being available for fanatic xenophile empires
* Fix blurry egalitarian ethics icons when using low graphics quality
* Fixed Machine Integrated species sometimes not respecting their Military Service species rights
* Human Russian last names now have both masculine and feminine forms
* Fixed Fallen Empires built from prescripted species not always getting all the traits they should
* Earth Custodianship now uses the Humanoid graphical culture by default
* Fix Plantoids Species Pack being listed as "Plantoid" in the launcher
* Fixes Platypi species never being selected for random species
* Fixes human preset and custom empires not spawning
* Fixes the Default Species Right not showing if you currently have a species without rights selected
* Self-modified species are no longer blocked from colonizing, resettling, etc, in an empire where they are the primary species
* Fixed a bug where ruler could level up and get traits focusing on ship sizes you had yet to unlock
* Fixed a bug where aux slots would not get a proper border in ship details view
* Made sure that the same existing order check used for construction ships to see if order is valid is also used to anomaly research
* Fixed the faction demand "Recent Enlightenment" immediately invalidating itself when fulfilled
* Fixed Armies list displaying a non-functional scrollbar marker when precisely five armies are present
* Fixed Gestalt Consciousness empires being able to enable the tutorial once in-game
* Fixed a missing event title in the Ancient Drones chain
* Fixed duplicate tooltip in Migration Controls species rights
* Fixed a couple of prescripted Machine names popping up in random generation
* Using set_disable_at_health no longer immediately disables ship, but just sets the health limit when it should be disabled.
* Disabled ships and stations no longer automatically regenerate hull (same as with armor and shields
* Ships and starbases disabled through events should not auto heal. Had to reintroduce a flag for this
* Fixed the Artisan Troupe becoming incommunicable when trying to buy a Ministry of Culture after declining an earlier offer
* Improved some potentially risky code. CTD possibly already fixed, but this should catch the only possibly crash in this function
* Fix bug where the local missile target wasn't updated when the actual target was
* Added missing homeworld name to hostile Servitor dialog
* Hunt for the Hyacinth event chain will no longer trigger if there are no valid systems for it
* Fix potential OOS where ship design modifiers weren't cleared before being recalculated
* Fixed reference to wrong species in white peace offer
* Numerous other bug fixes
Waypoint is streaming it at the moment, too. Austin's fighting himself some slaving space birds.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Thor McOdin Senpai » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:58 pm

I am thinking about buying the DLC tonight. However, what, exactly, does it add to Stellaris? I sat on my laurels for a few months while I waited for Utopia to drop in price. I now consider it integral to Stellaris. However, what about Apocalypse?

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:08 pm



The biggest new expansion features seem to be...

- Two new super-heavy post-battleship ship classes with unique abilities, the Titan and Colossus, capable of using planet-killer weapons or placing entire worlds under impassable slave shields (did you play Star Control 2? It's like that!)

- Starbase defenses against said weapons

- Marauders, a total rework of pirates for the mid-game, which can give them somewhat more empire-like features under the right conditions, so maybe a bit more like handling fallen/awakened empires. They're modeled after the Mongols? Space Mongols.

- New unity ambitions, perks, civics, etc. some of which sounds kinda crazy, like starting new games on Gaia worlds, or ~alien abduction~

I'd suggest playing a little of 2.0 without Apocalypse just to see all the new non-expansion changes, which are legion, then maybe get Apocalypse if you want the big expansion features on top of all that.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:32 pm

Not my screenshot, but


Crazy space gecko marauders are a pretty strong selling point in my book.

e: someone made a Suikoden namelist mod, I guess for leaders and stuff

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =902275898

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Falcon Critical » Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:26 am

Cute murderous lizards are always pro in my book. I've subscribed to the Suikoden name list, so next time I'm in the 4x mood I'll test it out.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:32 pm

Poked around with 2.0 last night. The mechanical changes are kinda massive, so much so that a big popup appears at launch that's all like HEY THINGS HAVE CHANGED, and so far I'm enjoying how much of a wrench this update has thrown into the works.

But I'm just as happy to see all the smart, subtle QOL tweaks they've made to the UI. Everything feels cleaner, sharper, more responsive, more informative, it seems easier to get a feel for your situation at a glance than it was before, without overwhelming the player with too many new indicators. It's really nice.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:08 pm

So, natural wormholes are a thing now, and I love that as a concept, but


Is this one wormhole with its exits in neighbouring systems, or two wormholes right next to each other that go who knows where?

Place your bets now!

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:37 pm

New story pack coming.


https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/0 ... -horizons/

Sounds like this pack's gonna expand/rework exploration, quests, anomalies, and spacebourne lifeforms.

Having recently encountered the Shroud for the first time along with a few other minor event chains I've somehow never seen before in 300+ hours, Stellaris really has some underrated storytelling chops both scripted and emergent.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Thu May 17, 2018 6:51 pm

Galactic Civilizations 2 is free on Humble right now if you need a 4x that ain't Stellaris for some weird raisin.

https://www.humblebundle.com/store/gala ... te-edition

There's also a Paradox sale on including a lot of Stellaris stuff but the cuts ain't quite deep enough to get me biting.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:08 pm



My head hurts trying to imagine how Stellaris is gonna work on consoles.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:11 pm

hey hey hey hey I see you there playing some of that Stellaris

so how about all those big 2.0 changes, huh

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by John Layfield » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:04 pm

Hyperlanes are slow-ass garbage. I get why they were the chosen survivor as a strategy element but ugh.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:06 pm

also for some raisin I had assumed there was no big B5 mod yet but uh


really pushing the limits on how many games of Stellaris I can have running at once over here.
John Layfield wrote:
Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:04 pm
Hyperlanes are slow-ass garbage. I get why they were the chosen survivor as a strategy element but ugh.
Yeah, I think you'll need to fast-track engine research to solve that, but I don't remember offhand exactly which tech will get you there. There's also certain workarounds, some of which are spoilery. :shh

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by John Layfield » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:10 pm

Guess it depends on how far along those total conversion mods are. Unless you're fine with Base Stellaris + some B5 races.

I played the New Horizons mod and the outcomes of events are randomised a bit. I did the Pakled event as you did, but the Pakled just shot my commander, which blew up the entire ship so we lost our captain. Oops.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:12 pm

They have photon torpedo. They are strong.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by John Layfield » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:39 pm

My Federation is founded. Earth, Andor, Tellar and... Trill. The Vulcan/Andorian split is too heated for reconciliation.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:43 pm

Hmm, that's an interesting twist. Cool to know the Vulcan/Andor situation can affect the founding in the other direction, and that you can cozy up to Trill so early, and enough for 'em to become a Federation founder, before they get swallowed by Cardassia, like what seems to have happened on #LongRoad.

Wonder if they'll add events to resolve the Vulcan/Andor conflict, or if those events are already there, just waiting for the right conditions that neither of us met.

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John Layfield
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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by John Layfield » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:50 pm

Now that we're a Federation, Vulcan is coming around. In all likelihood, they'll be member #5.

Absorbing the Trill and Tellarite fleets is crippling the economy. They're both close to Cardassia and the Tskitskientitski so I guess it makes sense.

Denobula is an atomic era planet. Weird.

Other neat changes: The Xindi probe got through, because Starfleet was fighting Space Pirates when it happened. Lost a pop. India got rekt.

Blundered through the Xindi chain, didn't seem too different. A second Xindi probe attacked at the end though. I don't think this happening in your game? The fleet and the Andorian ship we helped in the event chain were able to defeat it this time.

Either way, the Xindi chain is what prompts the Federation event. Though I wonder if that would be the case if Earth got got twice. Probably, in a "well maybe if we had friends this wouldn't have happened" way.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:56 pm

The end of the Xindi chain happened for me more or less the same way during that rough bout of network difficulties.

Ideally, failing to stop the second Xindi probe should either move your game somewhat close to the alternate history events of the episode "Twilight" i.e. Earth and its colonies get owned and the survivors escape in a Battlestar Galactica flotilla scenario, or it should prevent the Federation from forming (at least with Earth as a member anyway) 'cause United Earth presumably would be in recovery mode and wouldn't be strong enough to matter to anyone anymore.

I should try running a game as Andor or Vulcan or another neighbour just to see how the AI handles it, or if those events even fire for an AI United Earth player.

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John Layfield
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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by John Layfield » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:05 pm

Yeah, I'm pretty interested in seeing how another "canon founder" would play out. Or just flunking the Xindi chain.

Oh another thing I just noticed. Rigel is in my game, between the Orions and Son'a. I don't remember them in yours, so maybe they too got got.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by Delthazar » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:15 pm

I think we had comms with Rigel and then they vanished, probably absorbed by the Orions or Son'a, yeah. We'll find out soon enough.
John Layfield wrote:
Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:50 pm
Denobula is an atomic era planet. Weird.
Whoa, yeah, that's super weird and maybe a bug. I wonder what causes some warp-capable/optionally-playable races to get flagged as primitive. Might also explain why Coridan is like that in the #LongRoad run.

A lot of the races in New Horizons should probably be locked as one-system minor powers, at least at the start, anyway. That said, there's very little canon to go on for most of 'em regarding how much territory they had, and watching some of 'em expand in unexpected ways is part of the fun.

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Re: [Stellaris] Actual Universalis

Post by John Layfield » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:56 pm

Denobula was an atomic era planet. Now it's an irradiated crater. Oops.

The Tamarians, players in your game, are a one-system nobody. Same with the Saurians. I like the changes. I wouldn't want it to be too "Hearts of Iron-y" where everything plays out almost identically.

Can confirm "Unaffected races" are this mods "Fallen Empire".