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Did You Know? People SWEAR Sometimes on Xbox Live!

I know, right? We’re all shocked too. It’s… almost… as if… people indulging in recreational activities without supervision, required or not, under a blanket of internet anonymity… can get a little worked up on occasion. Go figure!

Thankfully we have a crack team of serious hard-boiled journalists over at some random ABC local news affiliate (not at all fumbling around to fill airtime) to help us sort all this out.

Quoth ABC Local:

“Incredible levels of profanity, racial epithets, homosexually-oriented epithets. We’re talking 8-, 9-, 10-, 11-year-old kids who are getting exposed to this regularly,” said Roberts.

Internet safety expert Parry Aftab says this inappropriate language in online gaming is rampant, and she’s concerned it’s leading to dangerous cyber bullying.

“They may trash talk. They may be calling you names. They may steal their passwords. Or a lot of them may gang up on one online, not because it’s a good strategic win, but to hurt the other person,” said Aftab.

I bet they all wear fedoras with little cards that say “press” on them.

Seriously, there’s this little thing called the internet, guys. Maybe you’ve heard of it before? It’s that place where your story was posted. Take a cursory glance at your own comments section and maybe you’ll see how this thing works.

People are dicks. On and offline, in-game or not, whether children are around or not. And here’s a mindbender for you: those “8-, 9-, 10-, 11-year-old kids” whose innocence you’re so afraid for? As it happens, they’re all dicks too. There’s a reason all those whiny voices pouring in through my headset – that is, if I ever turned it on – all sound like pre-pubescent snot-nosed punks.

I’ll assume you were young once and have at some point in your lives spent time on a playground. Even if you were the most sheltered children on Earth, the rest of ’em probably weren’t, so chances are you were “exposed to inappropriate material” just by being social and having friends.

But forget that. There’s HARD-HITTING JOURNALISM to be done! Prep the exploding vans, we’ll see you at the local Emmys!

Source: Kotaku.