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Election 2012: The Night In Tweets

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You almost have to feel sorry for them. Almost.

Twitter can be an easy service to look down upon, or overlook entirely, thanks to the many excesses of its userbase. Endless trending hashtags about Justin Bieber and One Direction, the stereotypical tweets about food or bowel movements, etc. Appreciating it can be difficult sometimes.

This is especially unfortunate because a lot of very funny and insightful people are on Twitter and nothing brings out the best in them quite like an American election.

So feast upon these, the best tweets I personally observed during last night’s battle for the White House. And for dessert we have the opposite form of Twitter comedy, a slice of digital schadenfreude: the rapid decline of Donald Trump’s mental state. You can find that on Page 2.

election 2012 tweets

election 2012 tweets

election 2012 tweets

election 2012 tweets

Community Returns On Several Dates For Maximum Confusion

Boys and girls, start your facepalms!

First, there was the original season four start date of October 19th, which turned out to be more a metaphysical the-power-was-in-you-all-along sort of deadline that NBC didn’t feel the need to meet. That’s okay, we know they’re very busy people.

Then, after a week or so of silence, Canada’s CityTV announced that new episodes of Community would air on Friday, November 9th… in Canada only, naturally. Those of you without a little Canadian in you (would you like some?) may know CityTV best as the odd little logo in the corner of all your torrent downloads and Tumblr screencaps.

But wait, there’s more! Shortly after the CityTV announcement, Community cast member Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted that there is indeed an American airdate: Thursday, February 7th, 8PM. Months after the show was supposed to air and almost exactly the date Joel McHale jokingly predicted on Jimmy Kimmel a couple weeks ago.

However, for those of you fearing that torrent downloads of the Canadian broadcasts would impact the ratings that actually matter when NBC finally takes the show out of the can next year, worry not! CityTV got their date wrong. It’s actually January 11th. Oh wait, now it’s not. It’s TBA. Whoops!

So until even further notice, October 19th will now happen on February 7th. The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that NBC wants this thing to fail, which is ridiculously shortsighted of anyone who has put this much investment into anything.

*crumples paper, tosses it behind my shoulder*

Source: Splitsider; @yvettenbrown Image: The Iconophile.